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Fusion HCM Introduction


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    Fusion Global Human Resources

    Prepared by: Rajesh Arangi

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    New Technology

    New Capabilities

    New User Experience

    New Expectations

    New Implementations

    Frequent Releases

    The Journey Begins

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    Introduction to Oracle Fusion Applications Fusion Application is the : - New standards for business -New standards for innovation -New standards for work -New standards for adoption The Fusion application is completely a Service Oriented Architecture model. So that provides a way for new standards.

    With respect to adoption, the Fusion application can be implemented in a variety of ways. It can be implemented as a full suite application, or it can be implemented in a modular way, along with an existing application.

    You can implement few Modules of Fusion along with other existing application like Talent Management, Compensation Management & Talent Review.

    So in this case, customer may not give away with an existing core HR application rather, customer can leverage the new features of Fusion.

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    Fusion Applications: Complete, Modular Suite of Applications

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    Oracle Fusion HCM -Introduction

    Oracles Fusion Human Capital Management enables us to architect a global foundation for HR data and improved business processes.

    Fusion HCM delivers a robust set of best-in-class human resources functionality that enables us to increase productivity, accelerate business performance, and lower your cost of ownership. Oracle HCM Cloud will bring power to your people and is your software as a service HCM solution available by subscription.

    A complete set of enterprise cloud services ensures customer success before, during, and after enablement.

    Created by industry veterans, Fusion Human Capital Management solutions combine advanced technology, tight integration, and best HR practices. From recruiting and managing talent, to accurately forecasting future workforce needs, Fusion Human Capital Management enables us to pro actively manage HR operations while focusing on strategic business initiatives.

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    Fusion HCM - Product Overview

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    Oracle Fusion HCM (11.1.8)

    Workforce Deployment

    Compensation Workbench

    Workforce Development



    Fusion HCM Modules

    Self Service Human Resources

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    HR Management thats truly global: Helping you to plan, hire, manage and analyze your entire workforce from on boarding to retirement

    Organization management that models your org: With a global workforce model that lets you assign, manage and track regular and contingent workers

    Comprehensive employee benefits administration: Allowing you to design, manage and present all of your benefits in a single process, with automated eligibility management

    Global payroll that pays people accurately: With a global rules engine that powers native payroll for multiple countries in a single system including local statutory requirements

    Compliance that thinks global and acts local: By aligning with local regulatory requirements while keeping track of the businesss global objectives

    Absence management for better insight: Helping you to lower costs and improve retention and productivity

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    Support for multiple work relationships that

    employees or contingent workers may have with

    multiple legal employers, multiple assignments,

    or individual contract agreements

    Simple, modern, productive and intelligent self-


    Global organizational support including global

    formatting of names and address, compensation

    in local currencies, time zone support, localized

    regulatory compliance, and translations

    Single global person record

    Predict Performance and Attrition at all levels

    of the organization

    Absence management

    Fusion HCM Key Features

    New hire monitoring

    Analytics embedded in business processes

    Automated roles provisioning

    Robust workflow and approvals engine

    Composite, role based, interactive views of

    worker information

    Role based dashboards with embedded


    Interactive visual org charting

    Best-fit analysis to identify most qualified


    Real-time side by side worker and job


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    Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Service

    The beauty of the cloud is that you can Get up and Running fast. oracle Fusion HCM cloud Applications offer many powerful features and capabilities to accelerate your time to value. The oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Service delivers a complete HCM Solution which Includes the following : Global HR Payroll Workforce Predictions Workforce Life Cycle Manager Compensation Benefits Goal Management Succession and Talent Review Performance Management Taleo Recruiting Taleo Learn

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    Oracle Cloud Environment Maintenance

    Mandatory Monthly Application Patching cycle

    Patch bundles are applied on 1st Friday on Stage and 3rd Friday on Production

    Technology stack fixes are applied on 2nd and 4th Friday of the month

    Optional weekly as needed one-off patching

    Optional weekly accumulated one-off patching

    4-6 month application upgrade cycle

    1 year technology stack or infrastructure upgrade cycle

    Most maintenance is applied Friday Evening through Saturday Morning

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    Fusion Application Deployment Options

    The deployment option how the customer wants to implement the Fusion application. Is it going to be on premise, or on demand, or a SaaS?

    In an on premise model, the Fusion application will be installed and implemented, managed by the customer themselves. So the hardware, software, everything will be procured by the customer. They'll be managing it in house. And then all of the maintenance will be handled by the customer themselves. This will be the most expensive option. In on demand model, then the hardware and software will be hosted in an Oracle environment, whereas customer will be able to access the application and also the environment from remote. In Oracle on demand, the hardware and software will be managed and also hosted by the Oracle team.

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    The third approach is Oracle on demand hosted and managed, Oracle will be responsible for even maintaining the hardware and software. And any maintenance, like applying the patches, bundles, everything will be handled by Oracle. With this option, the customer purchases the product licenses, but Oracle (or an Oracle Partner) is responsible for the software and infrastructure installation, configuration, and management at a remote datacenter. The fourth way of deployment option is SaaS, Software As a Service, wherein customer would be accessing the Fusion application in a subscription model based upon the models they have subscribed, and also based upon the timelines. Oracle retains the product licenses and is responsible for software and infrastructure delivery and management. Customers subscribe to the services and support plans they want. So in a pure SaaS model, the Fusion applications are available in a subscription basis, based upon the modules that are opted for, based upon the timeline of subscription, and also based upon the employee data managed. In a SaaS deployment, all the modules are multi-tenant enabled, in the sense more than one customer data will be available in the same application, but it will be separated, and security will be enforced on that in such a way that one customer will not be able to view the data of other customers.

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    The Fusion applications can be deployed in a variety of ways. And these are all the options available for a customer. Option 1 - A customer can continue on the current path. Like for example, if a customer is using EBS 12.1.3, they can continue to go with the same application with the next version, 12.2 1 or 12.2.2. Option 2 - The next way of looking at it is Fusion can coexist with the other core HR application. Like the customer can take a few models of Fusion, and they can use it. And then they can also integrate Fusion with an existing core HR system. So that's what we call it as a coexistence opportunity. So in this way, customer will still be using the core HR system for the day to day transactions and operations, whereas the new features of Fusion will also be leveraged for other functionalities like talent management, compensation management, which has embedded analytics feature. Option 3 - The other way of looking at the deployment option is, customer is planning to move away from an existing core HR system to the Fusion application suite that covers various pillars, like Human Capital Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Supply Chain Management. And also other features like procurement, financials.

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    Fusion HCM Co-Existence Opportunity


    A full-featured application suite,

    leveraging the lat


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