Oracle Fusion HCM Key Benefits - Vision - Oracle Fusion HCM.pdfOracle Fusion HCM Key Benefits ... Fusion development team when authoring the Fusion Applications book for Oracle Press

Download Oracle Fusion HCM Key Benefits -   Vision - Oracle Fusion HCM.pdfOracle Fusion HCM Key Benefits ... Fusion development team when authoring the Fusion Applications book for Oracle Press

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  • Oracle Fusion HCM Key Benefits

  • Why Fusion HCM


    Why iTouch Vision


  • Why Fusion HCM?The right time

  • Process Driven

    At the heart of any Fusion products is a open standards based BPM [Business Process Management] technology. Using BPM Composer Fusion HCM gives out of the box flexibility to tailor the system to align with business processes, without the need of customizations

    The processes in Fusion HCM are event driven and task driven. The approval rules are template driven which can be extended as per customer needs, without any programming needs

  • Reporting and Analytics

    OBIEE is embedded within Fusion HCM at no extra cost. The embedded Oracle Transaction Business Intelligence in Fusion HCM means that users can build their own dashboards, charts, analytics and their own reports without any IT involvement.

  • Maturity

    The data model of Fusion HCM is based on Oracle R12, with various further enhancements. This means the data model is rock solid, tried and tested by thousands of existing Oracle customers

  • Integration

    At the heart of any Fusion products is Fusion Middleware, allowing you to integrate security with any third party system

    A highly configurable HCM Extract technology is embedded within the tool, allowing customers to send HR data securely to any downstream systems

  • User interfaces

    The user interfaces use ADF technology works well on desktop browser and mobile

    The user interface can be extended by embedding new screens via configurable capabilities of Extensible Flexfields

    The page colour and skin can be branded as per your corporate colour themes

    Various validations and extensions to the user interface can be introduced by using Page Composer, again without the need of computer programming skills

  • Security

    Role based access control is implemented in the Oracle Identity Management layer for Fusion HCM.

    Data security can be extended without any custom programming by leveraging the embedded Identity Management system

    Out of the integration of leavers, joiners process with identity and access management. For example roles and access can be removed automatically subject to new grades or positions

  • Comparison with other vendorsKey Challenges

  • Comparison with Workday

    In Workday, there is no option of bringing the implementation in house in future, because on-premise model is not supported by Workday. Once you go to cloud, you are stuck in the cloud forever. With Oracle HCM, your implementation can be brought in house to your data centre if required.

    Workday data model is relatively new and nowhere close to the maturity cycle of Oracle Fusion HCM

    Out of the box reporting capabilities are not as extensive as Fusion HCM

    Workday does not have connectors to industry leading tools such as Taleo which is very popular in HCM markets for recruitment.

    If the client has existing EBS or Peoplesoft implementation, it will be much easier to upgrade to Fusion HCM rather than any another HCM tool

  • Key Challenges

    Oracle doesnt allow customisation of Fusion HCM SAAS software. Under rare cases, we can request Oracle to deploy custom code. However these requests have to be identified upstream in early phase of the project and can not be left to the last minute as can happen in an on premise implementation

    Data migration can be done by excel, however this brings a limitation that migration is only possible for those components which are supported by excel templates. For example, when migrating employee contacts information Fusion HCM does not support migration of person relationship information. A script can be developed after migrated contacts, and a service request can be raised with Oracle to execute the post migration script. Again, these activities will require forward planning and can not be left to the last minute.

    Data and functional security layer is very powerful in Fusion Application, allowing you to secure any data source. However this the security model is a bit complex and proper training should be planned & budgeted for system administrators to carry this forward post implementation.

    Absence of email address during employee migration leads to creation of user in OIM as Migration of pending workers should be done post generation of email ids. If this is not done, then post migration cleanup is required. Given the SAAS model, access to back end database is not available to perform mass updates of this nature.

  • iTouchVision ConsultingAbout us

  • Value Proposition

    iTouchVision Consulting Ltd is an organisation dedicated to providing cost effective software solutions with rapid delivery and deployment

    1. Experienced consultants to ensure delivery targets are met: We have consultants with hands on experience of Fusion Applications product development and SAAS implementation.

    2. Best Practices: Our key consultants have worked very closely with Oracle Fusion development team when authoring the Fusion Applications book for Oracle Press. This enables us to bring the best practices in Fusion Applications to the customer.

    3. Record of Successful Deliveries: iTouchVision can demonstrate a proven track record through the references

  • Solution & Service Offerings

    1. IT Tools Selection & Advisory ERP,BI,IM etc

    2. IT Solutions Delivery Cloud , On Premise.

    3. Oracle Fusion Applications (Financials, HCM, Supply Chain)

    4. Oracle EBusiness Suite (Financials , HCM, Supply Chain)

    5. Enterprise Performance Management (Hyperion,Cognos TM One)

    6. Business Intelligence Reporting (BI)

    7. Identify Management (IM)

  • Why iTouchVision

    Rapid Implementation: We have a rapid implementation template from the prior Fusion HCM projects.

    Enterprise Landscape: We understand that HCM systems do not work in isolation. They co-exist with your on-premise and SaaS applications. We specialise in implementing integration platforms for the enterprise. We also have expertise in leveraging in-built data integration tools within Fusion HCM

    Integration with your Identity Management: We specialise in Identity & Access Management implementations. Fusion HCM can be integrated with your Joiner Mover Leaver processes of either Oracle IDM or any other identity management system at your enterprise

  • Still have some questions?Please feel free to get in contact with us. We would love to hear your questions and help answer them. You can reach us on..

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    About Us iTouch Vision is a mobile and cloud company looking to take advantage of the next generation of computing. We think differently, we act quickly, we aim high and we achieve our goals.

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