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  • 1. Proven Keys to Developing High Performance Teams Monday, April 6, 2009 1:00 2:00 p.m. PC 119 Wes Friesen, CMDSM
  • 2.
  • 3. Overview of PGEs Operations
  • 4. I. Create a High Performance Climate & Culture!
  • 5. Three Need Factors
    • Equity (fairness)
      • Physical Work Environment
      • Economic
      • Equity/Respect
    • Achievement
      • Organization & Team
    • Camaraderie
      • Interpersonally
      • Teamwork
  • 6. Set & Reach SMART Goals
    • pecific
    • easurable
    • mbitious yet achievable
    • esults oriented
    • ime specific
    S M A R T
  • 7. Six Things to Maintain Engagement
    • Dont let newbies sink.
    • Create a physically comfortable work environment.
    • Eliminate perks that favor one level of employee over another.
    • Avoid micromanaging.
    • Spill the beans.
    • Observe basic courtesies.
  • 8. II . Treat People as the Most Important Resource of Your Organization
  • 9.
  • 10. Andrew Carnegie: Take away my people but leave my factories and soon grass will grow on the factory floor. Take away my factories but leave my people and soon we will have a new and better factory! Why??
  • 11. Understand The Seven Needs That Motivate People
    • The Need for Achievement
    • The Need for Power
    • The Need for Affiliation
    • The Need for Autonomy
    • The Need for Esteem
    • The Need for Safety and Security
    • The Need for Equity
  • 12. III. Recognition The Missing Ingredient to Great Results
  • 13. Top Ten Motivators for Workers
    • Provide personal thanks.
    • Make time for employees.
    • Provide specific feedback.
    • Create and Open (and fun) work environment.
    • Provide information.
  • 14.
    • Involve employees in decisions.
    • Reward high performers.
    • Develop a sense of ownership.
    • Give chances to grow and learn.
    • Celebrate sucesses.
    Top Ten Motivators for Workers
  • 15. Recognizing Employees
    • Three Ideas to Make Recognition a Part of Your Daily Routine:
    • Make employees a part of your weekly to-do list
    • Use Voice Mail or E-Mail
    • Write notes at the end of the day or week
  • 16. Reward Ideas?
  • 17. IV. Hire the Right People
  • 18. Theodore Roosevelt: The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.
  • 19.
    • Tips:
    • Accurate Job Descriptions
    • Define realistic expectations (cuts both ways!)
    • Thorough selection process (resumes, references, interviews, testing, etc.)
    • Evaluate skill sets - people and technical
    • Other?
  • 20. Hire ACEs!! Find people with: A - Attitude C - Character E - Enthusiasm
  • 21. Twenty Ways to Retain Your Best Employees
    • Reach for rapport
    • Dont wait for the two-week notice
    • Make employees feel welcome
    • Manage with your heart, not your head
    • Know your employees as people
    • Educate your employees
    • Have fun
    • Keep your employees healthy
    • Accentuate the positive
    • Bring your staff along
  • 22.
    • Ditch your employee-of-the-month program
    • Survey your staff
    • Match the reward to the person
    • Offer flexible work hours as best you can
    • Encourage personalized workspace
    • Look beyond your department
    • Practice what you preach
    • Give employees choices
    • Respect your employees time
    • Hire the right people
    Twenty Ways to Retain Your Best Employees
  • 23. V. Excel in Operations and enhance your teams reputation and morale!
  • 24. Excel in Operations and enhance your teams reputation and morale!
    • Use internal communication channels
    • Open house & tours
    • Promotional brochure
    • Service guide
    • Mail newsletter
    • Kudos board
    • Pictures of staff in lobby
  • 25.
    • Dress standards
    • Phone and communication skills
    • Serve as SMEs (subject matter experts)
    • Pursue certifications
    • Trade organizations
    • Great customer service and consistent high quality
    Excel in Operations and enhance your teams reputation and morale!
  • 27. VI. The Power of Delegation and The Power of Positive Expectations
  • 28. Power of Delegation: Dr. John Maxwell: Delegation is the most powerful tool leaders have. Benefits? Keys to do it well?
  • 29. Warren Bennis: Leaders expect the best of the people around them. If you expect great things, your associates will give them to you. At the same time, leaders are realistic about expectations. Their motto is: stretch, dont strain. Power of Positive Expectations: Self-fulfilling prophecy A person tends to live up or live down to what people that matter to them expect
  • 30. VII. HR Systems and Processes