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" A Presentation On Team Building Or Team Work"


  • 1. Building High Performance Teams Presented By:- Neha Jain MBA II Sem
  • 2. The integration of purpose, performance and relationship in a team to accomplish goals, so that, the genius of each individual emerges and is used for the higher advancement of everyone. I am because you are, and you are because we are.
  • 3. Productivity Goal SettingCommunicationEnjoyable TEAM Self LearningWorkplace BUILDING Motivation Cooperation Identify Strength
  • 4. The overriding need ofall people working forthe same organization:to make theorganization profitable
  • 5. Build relationships. Reduce stress. Raise morale. Enhance communication. Reward, recognize and motivate. Shared experience. Stimulate creative thinking.
  • 6. Innovator Worker Monitor/evaluator Resource investigator Completer Free rider
  • 7. Focus on results Accountability Commitment Trusting Showing Vulnerability
  • 8. High Performance TeamPer Real Teamforman Working Group Potential TeamceImpa Pseudoct Team Team Effectiveness
  • 9. Lets try buildingsome teams!


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