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High Performance sport teams. PART OF A TEAM. The Players. The players are the product of the team. They are the one who make fans buy ticket. They are the one shooting the ball, hitting the ball, skating with the puck and tackling the other team. 2008 Home Run Derby contestants. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


High Performance sport teams

High Performance sport teams1PART OF A TEAM

The PlayersThe players are the product of the team. They are the one who make fans buy ticket. They are the one shooting the ball, hitting the ball, skating with the puck and tackling the other team.2008 Home Run Derby contestants2PART OF A TEAM

The Coaching StaffBob McClure, ex Kansas City Royals Head CoachThe coaching staff is an important part of a team. They take most of the decision during the game. They are also the one who choose the combination of players that will be on the field, court or ice.

John Madden, ex Oakland Raiders Head Coach3PART OF A TEAM

The General ManagerPat Gillick, ex Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies GM

The General Manager is responsible of the contract negotiation with the players and the coach. He is also the one that can trade players with other teams. He represent the owner of the team, he is like the CEO of a sport team.Lou Lamoriello, New Jersey Devils GM4TEAM OR GROUP

When you play in team you WINIf you want to win as a team, you have to play as a team. Football, baseball, basketball and hockey are team sports. This means that a single player cant change the outcome of the game by his own.Aaron Rodgers (QB) and Clay Matthews (OLB) of the Green Bay Packers5TEAM OR GROUP

Team that have talented players are not guaranteed to win. It is not always easy for two superstars to share the spotlight and the result may be costly for the organizationChad Johnson (WR) and Terrell Owens (WR) of the 2010 Cincinnati Bengals67 DIMENSIONS OF HIGH PERFORMANCE SPORT TEAM

Jim Meier is an author, a coach and a consultant for many universitys sports programs. He is the creator of the 7 dimensions of high performance sport team theory.Jim Meier71-PURPOSE AND IDENTITY

The purpose of a team can be summarize in one word : CHAMPIONSHIP


A quarterback must trust his offensive linemen to protect him from the defensive players. The most important lineman is the left tackle (LT) that protect the quarterback blindside.Andrew Luck (QB) and the Stanford Cardinals offensive line92-RESPECT AND TRUST

Jorge Posada (Catcher) and A.J. Burnett (Pitcher) of the New York YankeesA pitcher must trust the sign of his catcher and the target of the pitch. They have to be on the same page on every pitch to be sure that what could have been a strikeout doesnt end up being a home run.102-RESPECT AND TRUST

Defenseman must trust their goaltender to make the save by himself sometimes. When defenseman dont trust their goaltender, they try to block every shot and sometimes they end up tipping the puck in their own net.

Ondrej Pavelec (G) and Dustin Byfuglien (D) of the Atlanta TrashersPatrick Roy (G) and Jon Klemm (D) of the 2001 Colorado Avalanche113-CLEAR ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITY

In the NHL, some players may be ask to play as a forward or a defenseman. Yannick Weber of the Montreal Canadiens is one of these players.Yannick Weber (D) of the Montreal Canadiens123-CLEAR ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITY

In the NBA, some players may be ask to play different positions. A player may play at the shooting guard position when he is matched up with a smaller player or the small forward or power forward when he is matched up with a taller player. James Johnson and Andrea Bargnani of the Toronto Raptors are good example.James Johnson of the Toronto Raptors134-COMMITMENT AND SUPPORT

NFL players practice 4 times a week during the regular season. A practice can take up to 5 hours

On their day without practice, NFL players often have to watch their game tapes and the game tapes of their next opponent.Dallas Cowboys defensive linemen144-COMMITMENT AND SUPPORT

During the offseason, players spend a lot of times in the weight room to stay in shape.

MLB players hit balls in the batting cage every game day morning.Arizona Cardinals trainer John Lott and Stephen Paea of the Cincinnati Bears Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays155-DIRECTED ACTION

Every player have a role on a play. If just one player doesnt throw the ball on the right spot, doesnt run the good route or doesnt block the good defensive player and the play could fail. Execution is really important for a play to be successful.166-CONTINUED EXCELLENCE

The Detroit Red Wings have won the Stanley Cup 11 times. They also have reach the postseason every year since 1991 (20 years), the longest streak in any professional sport history.176-CONTINUED EXCELLENCE

The Los Angeles Lakers have won the NBA Championship 17 times since 1949.The Boston Celtics have won the NBA Championship 17 times since 1957.


The New York Yankees have won the World Series 27 times. This is the most championships win by any franchise in any professional sport.196-CONTINUED EXCELLENCEMichael Jordan know how to win. He won the 1982 NCAA National Championship with the North Carolina Tar Heels and won the NBA Championship 6 times (91-92-93-96-97-98) with the Chicago Bulls. He was name NBA Finals MVP for each of the Bulls championship.

207-VITALITY AND RESILIENCYDuring the 2011 NFL regular season, the New York Giants lost 4 games in a row and where out of the playoff picture. There were rumors saying that Head Coach Tom Coughlin wouldnt finish the season with the team. The team rebound in week 14 winning a crucial game against their division rival, the Dallas Cowboys and finally reach the postseason. Their season end on February 5th with a win in the Super Bowl.

Eli Manning (QB) and Tom Coughlin (Coach)Mario Manningham (WR) 21BUILDING A CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMDraftSome player are clear cut No.1 and the future of the franchisewhile other are select later in the draft but are also franchise player.

Tom Brady of the New England PatriotsPeyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts22BUILDING A CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMFree AgencyTeam that have a lot of money can sign marquee free agents to huge deals.

Albert Pujols signed a 10 years 254M$ deal with the Los Angeles AngelsPrince Fielder signed a 9 years 214M$ deal with the Detroit Tigers23BUILDING A CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMTradeTeam with creative GM can choose to trade young prospect to acquire veteran player.

Eric Lindros was trade from the Quebec Nordiques to the Philadelphia Flyers for 5 players, two first round picks and 15M$ on June 30 1992. One of the player, Peter Forsberg, was a key contributor to the Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup Win in 1996 (one year after the team left Quebec City).24BUILDING A CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMRecruitmentUniversity sport programs directors use the prestige of their establishment to attract young high school players to their team.The North Carolina Tar Heels and the Duke Blue Devils are always in the top of the NCAA Basketball rankingsThe Alabama Crimson Tide, the LSU Tigers and the USC Trojans are known to have extremely good football programs.

25SKILLS VS TEAM EFFORTThe Philadelphia Eagles came into the 2011 season with high expectations. The team signed during the offseason many talented players and some experts call them the Dream Team. The problem is that these superstar players didnt fit well in the team scheme. They finish the season with an 8-8 record and miss the playoff.

The Eagles new acquisitions : DE Jason Babin, DT Cullen Jenkins, CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB Nmandi Asomugha and QB Vince Young join Star QB Michael Vick26SKILLS VS TEAM EFFORTThe Boston Red Sox signed All-Star outfielder Carl Crawford and acquired via trade All-Star first baseman Adrian Gonzalez during the 2011 offseason. They were the early favorite to win the World Series. In September, the team suffer a major letdown from their star players and miss the playoff on the last day of the regular season.

Adrian GonzalezCarl Crawford27SKILLS VS TEAM EFFORTThe Miami Heat were the early favorite to win the 2011 NBA Championship after All-Star LeBron James (6) and Chris Bosh (1) had join All-Star Dwayne Wade (3) in South Beach during the offseason. The Heat did reach the NBA Finals but lost to the Dallas Mavericks. Miamis fans blamed this lost on the lack of depth surrounding the talented Big Three.

28LEADERSHIPPlayers can show leadership in the way they play when they are at their best The Los Angeles Lakers struggled at during the month of January 2012. Many experts said that they were too old and were no more consider an elite team. Kobe Bryant answer 5 straight games with 40 or more points.

29LEADERSHIP or not as healthy as they wish. Ben Roethlisberger, the Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback, played the last few weeks of the 2011 season with an ankle injury, and was able to lead the team to a 12-4 record.

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