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JISC RSC South West Newsletter, Issue 20


<ul><li> 1. RSC NewsletterStimulating and supporting innovation in learning Issue 20 - Dec 2011 In this issue.... New National Website 1 JISC RSC Impact Report 2New National Website for the RSCsS&amp;B Award-Winning Bid3JISC Regional Support CentresRegional Events4(RSCs) are pleased to announce the JISC RSC Social Network5launch of their new website. Social Media:6The 12 RSCs - operating as a UK wide A Practical Guidesupport network - have a proven trackrecord across the sector for providing Social Media Case Studies7expert advice and guidance in theeffective use of technology. The Teachers Voice8website provides a common route tonews, events and resources,Turbo T.E.L. II9increasing user access to a richer seam of information from all RSCs, Web Conferencing 10-11whilst maintaining regional connections. Procurement12-13Key features of the new website include: Cool Tools For Teaching14Seamless access to information from both a UK and regional perspective Webcast Experiences15Up-to-date news and event listingsAdvice and guidance on how RSCs support you and yourUsing QR Codes 16-17 organisation from maximising efficiencies to enhancing the student experienceACL Strategy Support 18 FE Strategy Support19In creating a living website the RSCs can deliver more for less andimprove the user experience by reducing time spent in searching. What Workshops 20 Do You Want?Explore the new JISC RSC South West website by following this link:http://www.jiscrsc.ac.uk/southwest.aspxProviders may notice several changes to the look and feel of the websiteand the way it functions. At the top left-handside of the page there are keythemes, these are national areas of interest. The regional navigation canbe found underneath for access to everything related to the South Westregion.We would also like to encourage providers to visit our educational socialnetwork, which will contain additional resources, information and updatedcontent, including other events of interest. Please get involved!http://jisc-rscsw.ning.com/ Newsletter designed by Matt Ewens - Information Officer 1</li></ul><p> 2. JISC RSC SW Webinars JISC RSC Impact ReportWe hold regular online webinarsThe impact of the RSCs work, demonstratingfoccused around a variety of the benefits brought totopics.supported learning providers is illustrated in a new report for the Academic Year 2010-11To find out about all of ourpreviously recorded webinars,Key achievements include:please visit our Ning, whichcontains all the resources. Delivering over 2,500 consultationswith UK learning providers tohttp://jisc-rscsw.ning.com/ help them meet their technologygroup/onlineeventsobjectives. Running more than 650 RSC eventsPast Online webinar snapshotand peer-to-peer forumsattended by 10,000 delegates.The Future of Learning is Mobile Providing bespoke training to over 350learning providers. Participating in over 600 events with partners to share knowledgeand expertise. Case studies illustrate the tangible benefits the RSC network bring to learning providers - from improving strategies to reaping cost and efficiency savings. One learning provider said about their RSC experience I would not be able to perform my role anywhere near as well as I do ifWatch the video online the RSC were not as active in my role and development as they have been in the three years that I have been in this position.Intellectual Property Rights forEducational Environments VLE reaps rewards and awards Through direct support and advice provided by the RSC, S&amp;B Automotive Academy in Bristol secured funding for an online learning project which has led to their winning a bronze award at the IMS Global Learning Impact Awards in 2011. The Jericho project involved the purchase of network cameras installed at apprentices places of work to create a more efficient system ofWatch the video online assessment. Now, assessment can take place at any time required; the assessor logs in to the VLE and accesses the online camera for thatCloudWorks and CloudEngine apprentices workplace. The project also allows the learning provider to host virtual workplace visits at schools allowing potential candidates to exchange information about the benefits of the scheme with existing apprentices, helping to increase retention. We helped to write the funding bid, exploring whether similar projects were already in existence, provided guidance on the length of interactive online sessions and found quantitative evidence from the National Learner Satisfaction Survey to tailor the bid by incorporating former student feedback.Watch the video online Without the successful bid S&amp;B would still have ten assessors having to cover 300,000 miles to assess 450 candidates all across the UK, taking over 10,000 hours travelling to assessments. Read the RSC Impact Report here.2 3. S&amp;B Automotive Academy: Jon Winter, Managing Director,S&amp;B Automotive AcademyAward-Winning Bid Writing on the award-winning bid andproject as a whole:The Jericho project funded by the LSISFlexibility and Innovation Fund has I think its great because it givesenabled S&amp;B Automotive Academy to hostthe RSC a kudos, because thevirtual workplace visits at schools using concept was awarded bronze, butinnovative netcam technology. This allows the people involved in thepotential apprentices to exchange realconcept were the RSC and S&amp;B -world information so I think it is important torecognise the work behind theWebcamThe technology has been soscenes as well.successful that both S&amp;B and e-LearningAdvisor David Rowe from JISC Regional I think that bidding for fundingSupport Centre South West (JISC RSC SW) have recently won a bronzewill help a great deal. If you areaward at the international IMS Global Learning Awards.successful with the funding then itgives you a badge that says thatThe initial bids for both the award and LSIS funding were supported byit is endorsed - I thinkthe JISC RSC SW; therefore, this case study aims to provide practical nowadays its all aboutadvice on the writing of a bid to support practitioners who want to write a collaboration as well.succinct, informative application to win hearts and minds.To do it on your own is veryFollowing on from the success of S&amp;Bs previous netcams project todifficult, I think that if you dostreamline assessment in the workplace, it wanted to provide potentialcreate a project and do it aloneapprentices the opportunity to experience what it was like in the that is narrow-minded. Its aboutworkplace. So the idea being that pupils in schools would be able tosharing and collaborating andexplore the workplace choices available to them and view existing benefiting the whole country. Andapprentices working live. benefiting people like ourselvesby using technology.In enabling potential apprentices thechance to explore these options, JonIts definitely working withbelieved that this would help to resolvepartnerships such as the JISCthe issue of students dropping out of RSC SW that really works veryapprenticeships or starting the wrong well to help replicate what we doones. because they are a part of whatwe do. I think that these networks The real challenge that S&amp;B and Davidact as a conduit for sharing. We Rowe faced during the development of certainly would not have known the project was the inception andabout so many things availablecreation of the bid and the written content that formed it. For David inwithout these kind ofparticular, the most important and challenging part of the bid writingpartnerships, I think everyone canprocess is to provide a succinct and well written summary. In fact thebenefit from a single model.summary is perhaps the most important aspect of the bid as it is this initialprcis that will either break or make a successful bid, as David Rowe sums The sustainability is in everyup: project we have done and hasbeen economical or cost-wise.You have got to get the language right and grab peoples attention in theThe sustainability is that we areearly stages of the bid, because you really have to hit them between theusing technology that anyone caneyes with the main objectives of what the bid is about. You have also got use.to make sure that the language hits the criteria in a clear andunambiguous fashion. You have got to provide whoever is reading the bid Youre doing something that canwith a hook to keep them interested enough to read the rest of it. - be easily replicated by anyDavid Rowe, e-Learning Advisor, JISC Regional Support Centreorganisation with reasonableSouth Westcosts, in terms of the netcamsproject.Read the full case study via the Excellence GatewayBy Matt Ewens - Information Officer3 4. JISC Digital MediaRegional EventsWorkshopsMaking the Move to Moodle2?Video Production 1: Lecturesand Interviews 2-day course Date: 27/01/2012Audience: The event is ideal for Moodle support teams(technical andWednesday 25 January 2012 and user support), Web Developers, Managers involved in26th January 2012 implementing/developing Moddle, anyone involved in developing or usingMoodle and is considering an upgrade to Moodle 2Two-day course: 10.00 - 16.30 Location: South Devon Collegeeach dayPrice: 90Starts: 10.15am until 4.30pmAimBooking link: http://commoodle.southdevon.ac.uk/course/view.The use of video in education has php?id=23ceased to be an occasionalView programmeoccurrence, but the quality ofView flyervideos has not kept pace withtheir popularity. This course isSpring Specialist Colleges Forumintended to instil basiccompetence in the many areasDate: 01/02/2012of knowledge that are neededAudience: Networking and good practice sharing for IT, teaching andto produce good video work. A support staff in Specialist Collegeshands-on approach is taken, suchLocation: Ruskin Mill Collegethat during the two days of Price: FREElearning about video techniques Starts: 9.00am until 3.30pmthe participants will actuallyproduce two short videos. All Booking link: http://www.jiscrsc.ac.uk/southwest/events/all-jisc-rsc-sw-equipment and facilities will beevents.aspxsupplied.VLE &amp; Intranet Developers ForumPLEASE NOTE: This is atwo-day course. Course fees areDate: 15/03/2012as follows:Audience: All staff interested in VLEs, from HE/FE/ACL/SpecialistColleges and WBL sectors275 for participants from UKLocation: Taunton SchoolHigher or Further EducationPrice: 35325 for participants fromgovernment, charities, libraries,Booking link: http://www.jiscrsc.ac.uk/southwest/events/all-jisc-rsc-sw-galleries or museumsevents.aspxBook: http://www.jiscdigitalmedia.To view all future events please visit the JISC RSC South West eventsac.uk/training/courses/video-pro-pages.duction-1-lectures-and-interviewsFor all training courses pleasevisit: http://www.jiscdigitalmedia. National Eventsac.uk/training/NIACE Training Course: Making More of your Online CourseA six week online courseDates: Monday 20 February - Friday 30 March 2012Course fee:175 (NIACE members rate)195 (Non NIACE members rate)Book by following this link: http://bit.ly/rYRTVB 4 5. JISC RSC Social Network eSafetyIt has been a year since we created our Ning social network and whilst it New UK cyber strategy has not featured a long stream of conversations from the 300+ members,improving security throughit is being used as a repository for post event resources and information partnerships with private sector.about events and news.A national s ecurity hub, cybercrime unit and single reportingWhat do you think of our social network? What do you think could be system for financially motivatedimproved? What would you like to see in the cyber crime.social network? There is asuggestedWhat do you think we are getting right? How voluntary codeto you value the social network, are thereof conduct forareas you are unfamiliar with, such as ourISPs ofRSS feeds, Twitter feed or other social relevance inmedia? Would you like to know more aboutFE and HE.social media? http://www.These are the kind of questions I would really jisclegal.ac.uk/appreciate some feedback on to try and ManageCon-further develop the social network and make it tent/ViewD-as useful for our providers as possible. etail/ID/2246/ New-UK-Cy-Please fill in the quick survey, which will help us to make improvementsber-Security-Strategy-Unveiled.aspxhttp://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QGYZ9LSAre you an Accidental outlaw?take the knowthenet test on theVideo Highlightslegal use of socialnetworking, twitter face-book and Controlling email notifications Overview of the Ning so on etc http://accidentaloutlaw.knowthenet.org.uk/Sourced by Julia Taylor,e-Learning AdviserView videoView video How Inclusive is your Intellectual Property Rights forteaching practiceEducational EnvironmentsView video View video5 6. RSC SW Social Media StatsSocial Media A Practical GuideNov 10 - Nov 11Social media, well firstly what is it and why is it important?RSC South West Ning Social Well social media is the ability to project media across the web and syncNetworkinto that media the ability to target your audience and also generate dialog around that content. There are numerous examples of social media being4,603 Visits used today for many purposes, particularly businesses. In fact you could29,522 Page viewsargue that social media is the main advertising and marketing outlet for allAverage time on site 7 minsmajor companies around the world.VimeoSo why is this relevant to education?Total plays 1,180It is relevant because now there is the ability to provide resources 24/7Total loads 19,606 and more than that of a VLE, to go beyond the spectrum and enable learners to access those resources using mobile devices and much moreSlideshare on the fly. Whilst not all learners will have access to these devices, particularly in the WBL and ACL sectors, it is likely in the future thatViews 23,800 prices will come down. Such is the demand for tablet devices and smart phones, for example Kindle are venturing into the market by developingYouTubethe Kindle Fire. This potentially could be a lot cheaper than many other tablet devices.Views 617 So how on earth does all this help me, I mean Im a teacher - what canPearltrees you suggest?5,700 viewsOkay thats a fair question indeed. Lets see, well you could firstly contact myself Matt Ewens and I would be happy to talk through what I haveThe total views for all ourdone at the JISC RSC South West on social media.social media are over 79,000 In terms of Facebook, there are now guides available about adopting Facebook into teaching practice and some very good examples can beFocus on Social Media in found on our Slideshare channel.Education; Some benefits andexamplesPresenting social media, a basicoverview of the benefits ofadopting social media, with usefullinks and resourcesSWGfL Facebook Guide Facebook as a Tool for Improving Student Outcomes This is a list of considerations that you might want to investigate: Look at developing a blog to engage with your learners Encourage learners to create their own blogs Setup a professional Twitter feed If you develop video content, use YouTube or Vimeo so t...</p>