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In this edition of The Rooster, we cover the fun from the very recent Christmas / New Years trip that just wrapped up. We also get ready for MLK at Glamis, which is coming up in less than two weeks.


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    We had another great trip for Christmas and New Years. With the way the holiday fell the trip was spread out over almost two weeks with club members out there the whole time.

    The next trip is right around the corner, with the MLK dune cleanup weekend set for January 18-21st, which barely gives everyone enough tie to dust off the toys before going back out again.

    Danny Burns was out at the dunes for a day over New Years, and afterward decided to look up the club online. He found us, and has been in contact via e-mail. For newer members, Danny and Pam and their family were very active

    members about 20 years ago. Danny had the first long travel car in the club at a time when many sandrails didnt have shocks at all. You dont have to hang out with the club for long to hear a story that includes Danny in it. Hopefully we will see Danny in the dunes and back with the group soon.



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    After one newsletter with no new RZRs, Justin Grossmann picked up the slack and became the next club member to get a new RZR. His is

    a 2013 900, and looks great in black and green. Duke and Daisy seem to enjoy it as well. The number of RZRs is fast approach-ing the number of buggies in camp.

    The Rooster

    January 18th-21st: MLK Dune Cleanup

    Weekend at Glamis, Wash 6.

    February 8th-19th: Presidents Week at

    Glamis, Wash 6. Members will

    be staying all week, so the rest

    of us can do back to back week-


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    The Rooster

    I arrived it Glamis on the 26th at about 2 PM and found Don and Shirley, Jerry and Linda, Mike Bacon, and Steve Sturm. The yellow trailer was already set up in camp as Walt had been there the previous weekend . Don said some of my favorite words, " We're going to Yuma for dinner tonight." I asked when, and he said as soon as you get your other trailer. I quickly unloaded the RZR and went to get the other truck and trailer from the storage yard. Don , Shirley, and I were soon en route to Cracker Barrel in Yuma. After a good dinner we did a little bit of shopping and re-turned to camp to find that PJ Melissa and Allie had arrived. Thursday we went for the first of many buggy rides. I don't recall any special events on that first ride. On Friday morning I decided to take the RZR for a ride which was expertly led by Mike Bacon. I'm still learning to drive the RZR and I'm not that comfort-able as I always feel I'm going to turn it over. Other club members with more side-by-side experience whom I consider to be more careful than I, have turned theirs, over so I am very concerned about turning mine over. Mike and the others were very patient with me as I chickened out on some hills. I had a ball! Saturday it was back to the buggy. We probably had a dozen or more buggies on the ride. I heard Chuck

    make a radio call that they had trouble back there. When we got to the spot where there was trouble it turned out that Pete's car had broken a trailing arm on the rear suspension. Those of us with the high school cars were pleased it wasn't one of ours! That didn't stop us from doing what we could with Pete's car.

    Bob Amador realized it was pointless for everyone to wait when we worked on the car and he suggested that some of the cars go for a ride. Given the circumstances, this was a great suggestion. John and Scott took the lead in the repair and Chuck and Dave Huggard stayed around to help and at one point went back to camp and got several ratchet straps. After a lot of tying things together and doing using John's jack, we were ready to head back to camp. We had to stop a couple of times to tighten the ratchet straps but we made it back to camp before long. Lots of people helped remove the broken part so that Scott could weld it back together. Everyone was surprised at how thin the material was. Scott decided to brace the part so it will be better than new. When Scott went to get dinner, Barry finished welding on the part, and John finished it up by applying a coat of

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    The Rooster

    green paint, "Just to keep it from rusting." Sunday morning Pete reattached the part and the car was ready for a ride. The car worked flawlessly the rest of the trip. Good job guys! One of the highlights of the trip was Bob Amador's enthusiasm that has been building up during years of not duning. He was like a kid with his first bicycle. During his off time Bob did not forget how to drive the sandrail, as on each break he gave us a demonstration of his driving skills. He once got

    a little too enthusiastic and broke a front end component. But he took the part off the car, came back to camp and we welded back together, and he reinstalled on the car and drove the car the rest of the trip. I don't think anything could dampen his enthusiasm. Speaking of enthusiasm, John Cole continues to love his new V8. There was really only one significant problem, and that was a bro-ken steering shaft u-joint. As we have come to expect, John made a temporary repair on the ride and came back to camp and replaced it with a newer better part. More on a couple of less significant prob-lems later in this report.

    We were pleased to see Barry back in the sand. With the exception of a minor overheating issue, and some switch failures, Barry had a trouble-free trip. If anyone deserves a trouble-free trip It's Barry. His car has had much more than teething issues. In fact, it's had several new sets of dentures! We are really glad to have Barry back in the dunes. Dave Medlin also made his first trip of the season. He was not as for-tunate as Barry, as his engine made some very uncomfortable noises. None of us are exactly sure what the noise was, but it doesn't sound good. Dave ended up leaving early. Brandy's car continues to impress us all as he made several rides with no problems at all . His car is extremely fast and very reliable, at least so far. I hope this report doesn't change that! Speaking of fast trouble-free cars, Chuck Grossman's has to be very high on that list. Dave Huggard's car also on that list. Dale Downsworth's car belongs on the list as well, with the only reservation being that someone neglected to properly torque the left rear wheel causing it to nearly depart the vehicle on a rather fast ride. Ea-

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    The Rooster

    gle eye Eli spotted the wobbly wheel and made a radio cal