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In this edition of The Rooster, we cover the fun from Thanksgiving with three different articles, and we look forward to New Years at Glamis.


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    The Thanksgiving dinner was once again a great success, and the many great chefs in the club put on quite a feast.

    The Christmas / New Years trip is coming right up so well have another long trip to Wash 6 coming up very soon. Some members are talking about arriving as early as Friday, December 23rd. Well have the traditional spaghetti dinner on New Years Eve, which falls on Saturday this year.

    There are more and more side by sides in camp, and the Tranthams RZR 900 is the latest addition to this growing group.

    We had a lot of fun making night rides to Oldsmobile this trip, so pack warm clothes and bring your portable campfire chairs for some night time duning fun over the New Years trip.

    We are already making plans for the Presidents Week trip in February, which will be February 10th 20th.

    The Thanksgiving trip was once again a lot of fun. There are lots of different stories to tell, but I thought I'd share some details of the trip from my perspective. For the second year in a row I got to take three extra days off and spend the whole week in the dunes, and for us it was the first trip of the season and the first chance to try out the newly stretched sandrail. Despite some minor issues early in the week related to the engine change (and getting the cooling system full and the engine connectors reliably con-nected) the car worked very well. I am surprised how little difference the extra length makes, and the new motor ran well too. Melissa even noticed that the car seems to ride better over the bumps, and it definitely still turns and slides. The first weekend was busier than I expected, with quite a few other camps nearby. I was surprised at how many people went home on Sunday and Monday though, and for a couple days there weren't many people around. One of the best parts of Thanks-giving is the fact new friends arrive all week, and that happened with the group again this year. Besides the group who was lucky

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    The Rooster

    December 24thJanuary 2nd: Christmas / New Years

    trip to Glamis. Members will be

    arriving before Christmas, on

    the 24th or even earlier and

    staying into 2012.

    January 13thJanuary 16th: MLK Dune cleanup week-

    end at Glamis, Wash 6.

    February 10th February

    20th: Presidents Week at

    Glamis, Wash 6. Members will

    once again be spending 10 days

    at the dunes, allowing back to

    back weekends for the rest of


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    enough to stay the whole time, Scott and Sandi, the Olivers, and Tharps made the first weekend and left their rigs to come back out later in the week. Steve and Tanya Sturm arrived early in the week, along with Kevin Fegan. By the time Thanksgiv-ing came around, there were over 25 rigs in camp. We had many rides with 10 cars or more, and during the week there were at least ten different RZRs in camp, and there were many good sized side by side rides, often led expertly by Mike Bacon in his Ranger. It is so neat to see how much fun everyone is having on these rides.

    Speaking of having fun on rides, Allie had her first sandrail rides this trip. First we went to the vendors on the flats on Saturday, and then we went all the way to Sweet Marie's on Gecko Road on Sunday. She likes to stay on the flats, and doesn't want to go too fast, but she got to go. Later in the week we returned to the flats and once again got more ice cream. By the end of the week, Allie said that, "It is not scared..." Another major highlight of this trip was get-ting to see Sharon Porter's son in law Chuck

    Aaron and his Red Bull helicopter. We have heard stories about him for a few years, and this time we were excited to learn that he would be flying over the dunes since he was spending Thanksgiving with Ron Pratt at his place at Gordon's Well (Duner's Diner). On Wednesday, we saw the helicopter fly over camp, and he even took pic-tures of the camp and e-mailed them to Sharon. That turned out to just be the begin-ing of the fun though, as he returned on Thursday and this time was cleared to do some aerobatics. Just as we pulled into camp to get a front spindle for John (who was broken out near Hill 4) we saw the helicopter make a high speed pass and go into a roll. Yep, a completely upside down full roll, right over the camps at the washes. Then he turned around and did a barrel roll as he headed back South over the camp. The crowd in camp was impressed, and amazed to see a helicop-ter doing things that heli-copters just don't do! It got even better when Sharon said they would be landing by the store and we could go see the helicopters and meet Chuck. We headed up there (while John and the others waited in the dunes for parts) and were able to pull out onto the old drag strip between the store and the vendors, where two heli-

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    Click here to read more about Chuck Aaron.

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    The Rooster

    copters had landed on an asphalt patch. We found that the second helicopter was Ron Pratt's, and Mr. Pratt, his son, and flight instructor were there as well. We got to walk up and look at both helicopters, and met Chuck, Ron, and Jim (the instructor) as well as Sharons daughter and granddaughter. It was an amazing experience. Allie had a ball

    looking at the helicop-ters and splashing in the puddles, and I got to shake Ron Pratt's hand. He was just one of the guys, hanging out and having fun in the dunes. Very cool, and an neat example of how to be, even when you have enough money for helicopters and million dollar cars. He even smiled at Allison and commented on her new boots. (John Deere ones too!) He is someone clearly above my pay grade who I truly respect. Chuck is just awesome too, and was very fun to talk to and more than willing to pose with us for pictures in front of the helicopter. He is an amazing pilot, and has a job he truly enjoys and it shows. Thanks so much to Sharon and everyone who gave us the opportunity to have an ex-perience we will remember forever. After seeing the helicopters we brought John his spindle and made it back to camp in time for Thanksgiving dinner. We had an-

    other great pot luck and served about 40 people from Dale's trailer. The weather was great, and we ate at 3:00 which meant we were all full by sunset and ready for a campfire and later a ride to the hill. On Friday Melissa and I headed to Yuma for some shopping and missed an eventful ride. On the morning ride shortly after a break Chuck and Dave Medlin ended up colliding and doing significant dam-age to both cars. Nobody is very clear on what happened, but Dave was trying to get back in line with the group when he came across Chuck who was also on a different path than the lead cars had taken. The im-pact tore Chuck's left rear trailing arm and broke his stub axle and folded up Dave's tie rod and from a-arms. This is where the real chal-lenge began: how would the group get these cars back to camp about 4 miles away through the dunes? This group was up to the challenge and came up with a plan to return to camp for parts and tools with the goal of driving both cars back to camp. It took until after sunset but the group worked together and both cars pulled into camp at about 6:30 PM. Both Chuck and Dave were grateful for the help and glad to be with a group that makes sure to bring everyone back. For the rest of the weekend there were more good rides that were fortunately less eventful. We went to the hill on both Friday and

    Saturday nights, and we even brought firewood (and chairs) to have a fire and stay warm. There was lots to see with Rangers chasing down tail light viola-tions and people racing up the hill. We even saw a new Buckshot car get im-pounded for not having a VIN. It sure feels good to be legal. On Sunday we had a nice morning ride that was interrupted by Jim breaking a CV and damaging an axle. We again went back to camp for parts, and I led the group on what I thought was a fairly slow ride but went up hill 3 to stay in the nice sand. We ended up pulling the axle off of my car to take out to my Dad's and avoid a long tow back. I rode with John and we were able to get Jim's running again and made it back a little after noon. Then it was time to put my car back together and head for home. Some lucky people got to stay till Mon-day, but we are already looking forward to Christmas / New Years. -PJ

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    The annual pot luck dinner went very well, and had lots of great food to enjoy.

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    The Rooster

    Hello to all of my adoring fans, its me Allison again. Im on my way home from a nine day trip at the dunes. I can count to nine, see, one, two, three, four, seven, six, eleven, see nine! It was really fun this time because I just keep getting bigger and theres more stuff for me to do. I played a lot with my grandma Nancy in her house with toad and her books and one of my favorite shows called Mickey Fishing Pole. I wore my favor-ite frog boots a lot because they are my favorite and cause I can put them on myself. I like to do lots of things myself. Daddy worked lots on our car this summer to put a seat in it for me so I could go get ice cream with everyone else. My very first ride in my buggy seat we went to the ven-dors to get ice cream and they gave me my very own chocolate ice cream but Mommys tasted better I think because I mostly ate hers. The second time I went in a buggy ri