1485-1660. cultural attitude of the renaissance  renaissance = rebirth (greece/ rome)  mostly...

Download 1485-1660. Cultural Attitude of the Renaissance  Renaissance = Rebirth (Greece/ Rome)  Mostly joyous and progressive era due to it being post-tragedy

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The RenaissanceA Flourish of Genius1485-1660

Cultural Attitude of the RenaissanceRenaissance = Rebirth (Greece/ Rome)Mostly joyous and progressive era due to it being post-tragedyBlack DeathThe arts, sciences, and literatures all flourished.Also religion became reshaped and also grewFull of humanism- emphasis on the values of individuality and intellectual reform of humans

Better Known Historical Events1492- Christopher Columbus lands in the Americas in the West Indies1517- Martin Luther posts his ninety-five theses in Wittenburg, Germany1521- Cortes conquers Mexico and destroys the Aztec Empire1607- First permanent American settlement in Jamestown, Virginia1611- King James Bible published1655- Jews are legally re-admitted to England after being expelled in 1290

Not as Well Known Events1485- Richard III of England is killed in battle1503- Leonardo da Vinci pains Mona Lisa1517- First records of peoples from Africa taken as slaves to the Americas1564- William Shakespeare born1639- Japan expels all Europeans except the Dutch

DiscoveriesThe AmericasMany anatomical discoveries by doing autopsies and transferring their medical findings to books and journals.Copernicus found that the sun is the center of the solar system and earth revolves around it through Astronomy.Magellan completely proving that the world is round by circumnavigating it with his crew.Major Writers and TextsShakespeare (1564-1616)King LearMacbethVarious SonnetsRomeo & JulietNewspapers first get published in London (1621)CervantesDon QuixoteJohn Milton (1608-1674)Paradise LostComus

Important PeopleExplorers: Columbus(1492), Vasco da Gama(1498), Balboa(1513), Magellan(1519), Cortes(1521)English Leaders (by order of death/crowning): Richard III(1485), Henry VIII(1509), Mary Bloody Tudor(1553), Elizabeth I(1558), Oliver Cromwell(1658), Charles II(1660)William ShakespeareGalileo Galilei

Crowning of Queen Elizabeth II(1953)Extra FactsThe ideas of the Renaissance begin in Italy and flourished outward into, primarily, the rest of Europe.Leo, Don, Mikey, and Raf all had impacts to the Renaissance Society.Many ideas from the re-birth ofGreek and Roman ideas on self-awareness are still used today.

SourcesHolt, Rinehart, Winston, Elements of Literature 6th Coursehttp://rmn.fr/english/children/museum-experience/the-renaissance-15th-16th/inventions-and-discoverieshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renaissance


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