the english renaissance 1485-1625. what is the renaissance? ► french word: “rebirth” or...

Download The English Renaissance 1485-1625. What is the Renaissance? ► French word: “rebirth” or “renewal” ► Began in Italy ► Return to studying ancient texts…

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  • The English Renaissance 1485-1625
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  • What is the Renaissance? French word: rebirth or renewal Began in Italy Return to studying ancient texts Greece Rome
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  • What made the Renaissance? Interest in humans Introduction of universities Gutenberg and moveable print Use of vernacular Age of Exploration Reformation
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  • How do the ideas of the Reformation arrive in England?
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  • Arrival of Reformation in England Henry VIII Originally, Catholic Wanted divorce Refused! Remarries King becomes religious leader of England Break with Rome
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  • The Tudors Edward VI Only surviving son of Henry VIII Becomes king Then dies
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  • The Tudors Mary I (Bloody Mary) Roman Catholic What are the implications for her rule? Restore authority of Roman church Return England to Catholic country Oppression of Protestants
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  • The Tudors Elizabeth I Educated during Renaissance Unity under Protestant Religion Friend of the Arts
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  • Lets Review What connections are there between the three rulers: Henry VIII Mary I Elizabeth I What would be the difficulties each ruler faced when ascending the throne? What would this mean for the society?
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  • What does this have to do with literature?
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  • Renaissance in Literature New developments in three areas: Poetry Prose Drama
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  • Renaissance Poetry Lyric poetry: Not a full story Single speaker Sonnets and sonnet cycles Sonnets: 14-lined lyric poem Sonnet cycle: Group of sonnets on single theme
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  • Renaissance Poets Philip Sydney Sonnet cycles ( ) Key to shaping sonnet form Edmund Spenser Epic poem The Faerie Queen Spenserian stanzas: nine-line units
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  • Renaissance Poets Christopher Marlowe Playwright Lyric poet Pastoral verse: looking at the country life William Shakespeare Playwright English sonnet/Shakespeare sonnet
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  • Elizabethan Drama and Prose No longer religious References to ancient texts Drama written in verse King James Bible


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