The Renaissance 1485-1660. The Spirit of Rebirth Renaissance – a French word meaning “________” Renaissance – a French word meaning “________” Renewed

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  • The Renaissance


  • The Spirit of RebirthRenaissance a French word meaning ________Renewed interest in ________ learning, the writings of ancient Greece and RomeA renewal of the ________ spirit, of ________ and ________

  • A Flourish of GeniusBegan in ________Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Christopher Columbus, Galileo, etc.Catholic Church was very ____ and ______, even in _______ affairs________ view of humanity was expressed by many Renaissance artists

  • HumanismTried to answer questions like What is a ____ life? and How do I ____ a good life?Sought to ________ the Bible and the classics, using the classics to _______ (not discredit) Christianity

  • The New TechnologyGutenberg invented the ________ ________Before the printing press, books were _______ out by _____ (________ process, ________ to purchase, and ________ books were available)

  • The Reformation________ the authority of the ________ and the ________ churchmenFeelings of ________ and ________ identity made the English resent the ________ burdens placed on them by the ________Martin Luther founded a new kind of ________, based on a ________ understanding of the Bible instead of on what the ________ said

  • King Versus PopeKing Henry VIII asked for a divorce from his wife of ________-years theoretical reason she had previously been married to his ________real reasons she was too ____ to give him a ______ ______ and he wished to marry Anne BoleynPope refused because he was controlled by the queens ________.Henry VIII appointed a new ________ and declared ________ head of the English (________) Church.

  • The Protestant ReformationMany people were ________ with the new church because it wasnt ________ enough it was merely a ________ of Catholicism.Some said that religion was solely a matter between the ________ and ________

  • Henry VIIIHad ________ wives:Divorced, ________, died ________, beheaded, ________Fooled around, but couldnt tolerate any suspicion of his wives ________Was an important figure and deserves the title of ________ manSurvived by three ________ children Mary, ________, and Edward

  • The Boy King and Bloody MaryAt age ________, Edward began to rule in ________ only. Died of ____________.Mary was ________ and determined to _______ the wrongs done to her ______.Restored the ________s power in England and ruthlessly hunted down ________________ about 300 subjects at the stakeMarried the king of ________, a country England was beginning to ________ and hate

  • Elizabeth: The Virgin QueenOne of the most ________ and successful monarchs in history________ the Church of England and rejected the ________s authorityResisted ________ and officially remained the ________ Queen because her strength lay in her ________ and her ability to play one ________ off another.

  • A True DaughterSurvived many ________ against her life, several of which were initiated by her cousin, Mary Stuart, Queen of ______ (_____ to Englands throne)Elizabeth (after ________ years of plots against her life) had Mary ________

  • The Spanish ArmadaKing Philip of Spain used Marys ________ as an excuse to invade England with the ________ ________Englands Royal ________ destroyed the Spanish Armada, assuring Englands ________ from the ________ countries

  • A Dull Man Succeeds a Witty WomanElizabeth (childless) was succeeded by James ___ of ________, aka James ____ of England (son of ________ Stuart)He tried hard patronized ________, sponsored a new translation of the ______, and was a ______ ruler but couldnt follow in Elizabeths footsteps.

  • The Decline of the RenaissanceCharles I, who reigned after James I, was ________ by some of his subjects________ and Puritan ________ Oliver Cromwell ruled for the next ____ years________ truths were soon to challenge long-accepted ________ beliefs.


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