the english renaissance 1485-1660. 14 th century, italy european renaissance period begins...

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  • The English Renaissance 1485-1660
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  • 14 th Century, Italy European Renaissance Period Begins Renaissance = Rebirth
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  • Medieval World View Religion and the Afterlife Rural self-sustaining system based in farms and villages
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  • Renaissance World View International Trading Economy Stress Human Life here on Earth
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  • New emphasis on individual and development of human potential Cultivating innate talents to the fullest Arts and Literature flourishes
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  • Questioning Time worn truths and challenging authority
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  • English After 1485 when the War of the Roses ended and Henry VII came to power
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  • Henry VII Built up the nations merchant fleet Financed expeditions that established English claims in the New World
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  • Henry VIII Succeeds throne in 1509 Skilled athlete, poet, musician Well educated in French, Italian, and Latin
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  • marries Princess Catherine of Spain After 18 years of marriage, only 1 daughter: Mary WANTS A MALE HEIR!!
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  • Requests to have marriage annulled to marry Catherines court attendant, Anne Boleyn
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  • marries Anne Boleyn Breaks from Roman Catholic Church because Pope refuses 1534 declares himself head of the Church of England
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  • Those opposed paid with their lives Dissolved English monasteries and distributed their landholdings
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  • Continued Anne Boleyn produces ONLY 1 Daughter, Elizabeth Shes charged and executed for adultery and incest
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  • marries Jane Seymour She produces one son Edward VI Edward dies at age of 9 in 1547
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  • Mary takes the throne Tries to reintroduce Roman Catholicism Marries cousin Philip of Spain and persecutes Protestants =Bloody Mary Dies in 1558
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  • Elizabeth I takes throne English Renaissance reached its full potential Unprecedented prosperity and international prestige
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  • Elizabeth loved pomp and ceremony but was frugal and balanced national budget. Absolute authority but sensitive to public opinion and respectful of parliament
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  • Continued Reestablished Church of England Elizabeth kept England out of wars and ended Spanish alliance Never married
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  • Renaissance drama flourishes during this time: drama concerned with the complexities of human life here on earth 1603 Elizabeth dies
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  • King James I and King Charles (1625) Belief in the divine right of kings: Gods representatives in civil and religious matters
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  • 1629- Charles dismisses Parliament = Operating without trial by jury Deepening of religious, political and economic unrest
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  • Civil war Royalists vs. Parliament 1649 King executed (Royalists defeated)
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  • Afterwards English Theaters closed Most forms of recreation suspended Even walking for pleasure is forbidden 1660 = New Parliament, Charles II to throne, RESTORATION PERIOD begins
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  • Lyric Poems Written to be sung Purpose was to express the authors feelings
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  • Pastoral Verse Represents an idealized picture of nature and rural life
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  • Metaphysical Poetry Uses unusual imagery and elaborate metaphors (conceits)
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  • Epic Poetry Examples: Paradise Lost by John Milton The Odyssey
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  • Literary Terms Rhyme scheme Simile Tone Alliteration Stanzas Mood Paraphrasing


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