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This was my Third UXDi Project. The Project is Foursquare, Foursquare was looking to increase the level of engagement with their users and merchants by adding a mobile payment component to check-ins. They were keen to test this potential revenue stream and drive new users to the product. We were tasked with understanding where and why people check-in, and how they pay for things currently. Deliverables - Design key screens and flows using Foursquare’s current look and feel The Product was X Pay is a set of new features that allows Foursquare users to pay fast and securely for items and to engage with merchant stores through special offers and discounts. Unlike companies like Facebook this creates a more intimate experience before and during visits.


  • 1. X-PAY Student Presentation 17/01/14
  • 2. X Pay Presentation Document 6.1.3 17/01/14 Student Project - UXDi Project 3 - Foursquare Team - The Socialites
  • 3. Hi
  • 4. The Socialites Team Lilly Browne Rain Lieberman Richard McMurray Richard.McMurray@gmail.com
  • 5. The Brief Understand where and why people check-in, and how they pay for things currently.
  • 6. The Brief Increase the level of engagement with users and merchants by adding a mobile payment component to check-ins.
  • 7. Foursquare to Customers text
  • 8. Foursquare to Merchants text
  • 9. Existing problems 1.Privacy 2.No direct interaction between merchant and user 3.Make a secure payment within the app
  • 10. X - Pay
  • 11. X - Pay
  • 12. X - Pay
  • 13. X - Pay
  • 14. X - Pay
  • 15. X - Pay https://www.flinto.com/p/6c82cb11
  • 16. Mikes Story I'm a little paranoid and I don't want people to know where I am
  • 17. Mikes Story - Check in
  • 18. Mikes Story - Check in Creating a reward system that will promote users to visit venues such as museums.
  • 19. Mikes Story - Check in Mike can get the reward by checking into the venue
  • 20. Mikes Story - Check in Benefits: Promote checking in Increase interaction between merchant and users
  • 21. Mikes Story - Privacy
  • 22. Mikes Story - Privacy In app feature which gives users the option of sharing possibilities
  • 23. Mikes Story - Privacy Benefits: Allow users control to their privacy Promote check in from new users
  • 24. Mikes Story - Secure Payment
  • 25. Mikes Story - Secure Payment Payment option via ITunes or Paypal
  • 26. Mikes Story - Secure Payment Benefits: Give users control of mobile payment method Use recognised, secured payment platforms to promote mobile payment
  • 27. Kates Story To get a great deal, to tell my friends about a great nearby place I have been, to brag if it's cool.
  • 28. Kates Story
  • 29. Kates Story
  • 30. Kates Story
  • 31. Kates Story To help Kate make a quick decision and pick a bar.
  • 32. Kates Story To help Kate to interact directly to Hoxton Bar before she is there.
  • 33. Kates Story Benefit Kate can make the most of her night out at a cool bar in Hoxton with Suzi and Amanda.
  • 34. Kates Story
  • 35. Kates Story
  • 36. Kates Story
  • 37. Kates Story To improve Kates night out experience at Hoxton bar.
  • 38. Kates Story Benefit So, Kate can continue to chat with Suzi without leaving Suzi on her own.
  • 39. Kates Story
  • 40. Kates Story
  • 41. Kates story
  • 42. Kates Story To help Kate to pick her drink order promptly.
  • 43. Kates Story To allow her to pay for her drink order instantly within Foursquare mobile app using her apple id account or her paypal account.
  • 44. Kates Story Benefit It is handy for Kate to pay for her drinks without carrying cash on hand. Only pay for herself.
  • 45. Prototype
  • 46. Learnings
  • 47. Learnings 1. Social
  • 48. Learnings 2. Chatting to Merchants