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Student project for General Assembly UXDi Immersive We were tasked with designing a feature set that integrated social with the Netflix streaming service. Designed by: Joe O'Donnell, Stephanie Lee, Jaclyn Anderson,


  • 1. I put bloody skins on my back, and I dance around the fire, and I tell what the hunt was like. - GARY PAULSEN, AUTHOR OF HATCHET
  • 2. DESIGN BY: Joe ODonnell, Stephanie Lee, Jaclyn Anderson Student Project | General Assembly UXDi Winter 2013
  • 3. THE PROJECT BRIEF: With Amazon Prime breathing down their necks, Netix has got to catch up! They want to start with an MVP-- the smallest feature set that is valuable to users. ! Understand how people nd and share movies Design the key screens of their new features using the current look and feel of ! TARGET DEVICES: Responsive website that works well with iPad and/or iPhone application
  • 4. THE PRODUCT Netix Social is a new set of features that enable users to connect, discover and share their entertainment experiences with family and friends. ! Its interface features seamless social activity options, allows for group watching, and introduces a supplemental mobile app that allows multiple users to interact on-screen. Unlike Amazon Prime, Netix Social enhances the entertainment experience by facilitating interactions between people while they are enjoying their favorites shows & movies.
  • 5. USER RESEARCH: SURVEY & INTERVIEWS KEY LEARNINGS FROM OVER 100 USERS: 80% users discover new entertainment through word of mouth only 20% users prefer to watch shows alone 65% users like to chat with others while watching movies !
  • 6. OUR PERSONAS Moe | the commentator 43, divorced, high school history teacher Personality: serious, quiet & reserved I dont like to be interrupted when Im watching a movie. Technology tech savvy has an iPhone and an Apple TV uses the web to keep up on happenings and the news ! Entertainment likes to stream tv shows and movies enjoys going to art house theaters with friends and discuss the movie afterwards likes to review movies online and his friends trust his opinions when watching movies, he doesnt want to be disturbed loves independent lms, documentaries, sci , action adventures and drama ! Social media has a facebook account and only accepts invites from his close friends and family !
  • 7. OUR PERSONAS Zach | the movie buff 22, single, biology student Personality: outgoing, curious, creative and social I tell my friends, the only way to watch a good series is to watch the whole thing at once Technology a moderate user of technology understands technology and has little patience for a bad product or service his main devices are his desktop PC and his Android phone he uses them for socializing and entertainment ! Entertainment he is a binge watcher enjoys horror, sci , and watching TED talks only streams on Neix how up at a Game of Thrones watch party now and again ! Social very popular at school his friends respect his opinions and hes active on Facebook and Twitter he gets his movie recommendations from friends and blogs about the lms that he like
  • 8. OUR PERSONAS Emi | the social watcher 31, single, event planner Personality: outgoing, party animal, high energy, bubbly Im all about the parties and hanging out with friends... and of course my boyfriend too Technology she is up on technology as it pertains to entertainment, social and online shopping uses multiple devices, like Roku, her laptop, her smartphone, and her iPad to stream media if her friends have something digital, she usually wants it ! Entertainment loves social entertainment like going to concerts, parties, and to the movies relies on friends to recommend shows/movies for her to watch really loves hosting watch parties for movies or tv nales with her friends and family likes to watch comedies, chick icks, popular tv shows like Glee Social loves to be around people and organizes parties for her friends and family has uses Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter
  • 12. THE PROCESS: IDEATION & NARROWING SCOPE & STRUCTURE ! User ows Wireframes & sketches Site-maps & diagrams !
  • 13. THE PROCESS: PROTOTYPING & TESTING ! Prototyping Usability testing & results Multiple prototype iterations !
  • 14. KEYSCREENS: WEBSITE Social landing page Invite ow
  • 16. KEYSCREENS: TV Video control bar & chat feature
  • 18. KEY SCREENS: MOBILE APP See what friends like Schedule ScreenParty Chatting while watching Use mobile as a chat device when steaming on TV
  • 19. VIDEO DEMO & PROTOTYPES Video Demo: ! Prototype (web): ! Prototype (mobile app):
  • 20. THANK YOU! ! Joe ODonnell | Stephanie Lee | Jaclyn Anderson |