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  • 1. UNIQUE MAGAZINE Hello my name is Sarah Ingham and Im here today to convince you that my idea for a new magazine fit your brief and present the best solution for your organisations needs
  • 2. You have been commissioned by the northern echo to produce a new magazine or newspaper product. Your product could be in any style or genre but it must be self financed through sales or advertising. You must also produce your magazine for a specified audience segment within the 16-25 age group MY BRIEF
  • 3. HOW AM I GOING TO MEET THIS BRIEF? oThe design of my magazine will have to appeal to the young audience and attract them to read the magazine. oThe Northern Echo is part of the community so the magazine w so it doesnt offend. oIts a local magazine so it has to support the community in its positives of local events, local people and successes within the c o High standards of journalism will have to be used, to keep up The Northern Echo well researched content to put into the arti ABC1 audience oAs its self financing, advertising will have to be included in the
  • 5. My magazine is a Womens Lifestyle Magazine called Unique I chose this genre because I am familiar with it. My USP- unlike other womens lifestyle magazine that purely base their content on fashion and beauty my content focuses on real, important current issues that affect audience. I got my ideas for the content for my magazine from current popular issues that affect the audience, for example the increase in University fees and the rise in technology. I also got an idea from a subject I am taking at A Level, Do we speak another language Doing genre research has allowed me to learn more about how womens lifestyle magazine use different elements of the magazine to intrigue and interest their audience. In particular GENRE RESEARCH
  • 7. Company Magazine The collage of images The way important text isSlang
  • 8. Glamour Magazine The topics discussed are more human interest articles which I want my magazine to contain The use of Rhetorical question use Opinions The use of the first personal plural pronoun we
  • 9. HOW WILL UNIQUE BE DIFFERENT? H o w w i l l i t b e d i ff e r e n t f r o m G l a m o u r ?
  • 10. My audience are 16 to 21 year old females in the tribe trendies. I chose this particular tribe because they want to know the latest trends. Their interests help me with advertising I have chosen an audience in socioeconomic groups ABC1. This is because I can use higher end advertisements in the magazine as these socioeconomic groups will be afford the products advertised. THE AUDIENCE
  • 11. MOCK UPS
  • 12. All four interviewees said this was their favourite mock up. This is because they prefer the layout. They also prefer a large image in the article to balance out Change the kicker design Include more images
  • 13. The most common answer for Whats your favourite part of the article? was the title design. They also liked the colour use describing them as girly and they also liked the fonts as they are Use more columns to have more structure in the article and space it Dont use as much variety of colour it is too distracting
  • 14. WHICH MOCK UP WILL I USE? IMPROVEMENTS TO BE MADE Change the pale pink coloured kicker to a different colour because light pink on a white background is difficult to read Include a different texture for the kicker because it will make it stand out more and will add more creativity to the layout. Add another image to make the whole layout look more interesting and adding just one more wont I will be using mock up 1 for my magazine This is because it received the most positive feedback It is also my personal favourite because I think it the most creative and appealing
  • 15. COMMERCIAL VIABILITY 1,560.00 932.00 4,374.40 TOTAL EXPENDITURE Editorial Personnel Equipment Printing 4,230.00 5,287.44 TOTAL PROFIT Advertising Income Sales Income 6 8 6 6 . 4 0 9 5 1 7 . 4 4 = 2651.04 PROFIT
  • 16. Why a profit??? o I have gained so much of a profit because I decided to charge 12p per copy sold. o I decided to charge this because on a Saturday (when my magazine will be sold) the Northern Echo charges more....o Therefore it I believe that I should receive some of the profits as my magazine will be sold alongside the newspaper.o This 12p will not be added to the price the Northern Echo has, it is included in the original price.
  • 17. Distribution method o Selling it as a supplement but in the design/quality of a free to view magazine o Best of both methods = Better quality magazine as its similar to the free to view magazine Darlington Together Selling it as a supplement will be beneficial because of the Northern Echos high readership. Cost effective compared to other strategies
  • 18. PRINITNG o My magazine is 16 pages long o In total I will be printing 44062 copies of my magazine to support the readership The Northern Echo has o The areas I will be distributing it to are : Darlington Bishop Auckland Durham Crook
  • 19. The pcc The PCC stands for the Press Complaints Commission Its a commission built up of editors and ex editors of newspapers They deal with the complaints made about the public about editorial content Investigated under the editors code of practice. Set of rules the editors of newspapers and magazines have to follow
  • 20. The codes o In order for my magazine to be successful and not offend the public, I must follow these rules BE ACCURATE RESPECT PRIVACY DO NOT HARASS DO NOT DISCRIMINATE
  • 21. My product Front Cover Imagery Ideal, relatable, positive Layout creative but not distracting Colours black and white image, pastel pink text colour to stand out. Keeps a girly brand. Language - command and question headlines used. Contents Page Imagery Ideal, relatable, positive Layout simple, creative background use, imagery Colours pastel, girly, bright, subtle, positive connotations Language - reward, question and command headlines, 2nd person narration use throughout.
  • 22. My product ARTICLE ONE Are You Chained? This article discusses the rise in technology and the physical and mental health effects it has on young people as well as the rise in cyberbullying Tone serious, informative Imagery symbolic Layout 3 columns, break out boxes, different textures/backgrounds, text ratio heavy Colours pastel, girly, subtle Language - second person, facts and detail given, informative
  • 23. My product ARTICLE TWO I