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  • Solutions for Today on the Network of TomorrowePort

  • e-port- A Next Generation Networke-port is a high speed Internet Connection built on proven IP-over-fiber-architecture bringing fiber directly to your building.Smoothly scalable from 1Megabit to 1Gigabit on demand means this is the last Internet connection youll ever buy!Native Ethernet interface to your office eliminates the need for expensive equipment and conversion between IP and traditional telephony protocolsBypasses the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)Diversity and Redundancy in the self-healing ring architecture ensures quality of service

  • e-PortsPowerful Suite of Services Fully Managed Firewall Appliance Virtual Private Networking Network Monitoring Off-Site Backup and File Storage Remote Network Access Platform

  • ePort NetworkEthernet Connectivity within Primarys Metro Fiber Optic NetworkOpticalAccess



    GB MANSwitch/Router

    GB MANSwitch/RouterGB WANRouterInternetePort is Reliable. Primary Network works with multiple Tier 1 ISP peering partners. This means that eport customers will have access to the Internet, even if one of the Tier 1 providers experiences a major outage. Also, because eport traffic does not traverse on a voice-oriented infrastructure, we don't have to put your data through multiple conversions between IP and telephony protocols. That means efficient, native-data transmission, and fewer points of conversion to jeopardize reliability. Plus, we've ensured reliability through diversity and redundancy with monitoring and fault detection that proactively averts potential outages or overloads. And, we give you access to live, technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Carrier Class NetworkMultiple Drains to Tier 1 Providers including Qwest, Savvis, Verio, Sprint and Digital Teleport Fiber Optic backbone.800 KW Backup Diesel GeneratorDual Fault Tolerant Power Grid SubstationsFMS 200 Fire Suppression SystemRedundant Cisco 75xx Series Core RoutersNEBS Compliant Marconi (Fore) ATM SwitchesFoundry FastIron II and BigIron 100Mb SwitchesRedundant Liebert Environmental HVAC SystemsExternal and Internal Video SurveillanceExternal and Internal Facility Access SystemsPhysical Redundancy in Carriers Fiber entry points

  • Network Operation CenterNOCThe 24 x 7 NOC monitors our internal systems as well as dedicated clients.Proprietary Network Monitoring SoftwareReal time Alert NotificationProactive fault detection and preventionAutomatic Technical Dispatch.

  • Maryland Place8112 Maryland Ave.Interco Tower101 S. HanleySmurfit Stone Center8182 Maryland AveMerrill Lynch Center8235 Forsyth Blvd.Pierre Laclede II7733 Forsyth Blvd.Pierre Laclede I7701 Forsyth Blvd.Bemiston Tower231 BemistonShaw Park Plaza1 N. Brentwood BlvdSevens Building777 Bonhomme RdPark Place100 N BrentwoodWindsor Building7711 BonhommeBonhomme Place7700 BonhommeHuntleigh Financial8000 Maryland AveMaryland Park West8301 Maryland AvePlaza in Clayton190 Carondelet PlazaBemiston Bldg230 S. BemistonS. Central Bldg222 S. Centrale-port

  • e-port MCI Building100 S. 4th StreetMet Square211 N. BroadwayOne Financial Plaza501 N. BroadwayMillennium Center 515 OliveGateway One 701 MarketEquitable Building10 S. BroadwayBank of America100 S. BroadwaySt. Louis Place200 N. BroadwaySecurity Building319 N. 4th StreetOne City Centre515 N. 6th StreetBank of America Plaza800 MarketBonhomme Place7700 BonhommeMarket Street 1010 Market Street

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