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KSEA Today & Tomorrow. Bringing Science, Technology, and Community Together!. Korean-American Scientists & Engineers Association. Provide opportunities for: US-Korea Cooperation Career Development Community Service. Our Mission. KSEA: National. KSEA: Professional. KSEA: Social. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>KSEA Today &amp; TomorrowBringing Science, Technology, and Community Together!</p><p> Korean-American Scientists &amp; Engineers Association</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22Our MissionProvide opportunities for:US-Korea CooperationCareer DevelopmentCommunity Service</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22KSEA: National</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22KSEA: Professional</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22KSEA: Social</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22KSEA: Community</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22Why Technical Groups?</p><p>Ready access to technical information</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22Why Chapters?</p><p>Sponsor conferences and forumsShare technical informationEnjoy social eventsSupport K-12 and university student activities</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22Members by Degree</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22Members by Type</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22Members by Specialty</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22Benefits of Membership</p><p>KSEA LettersMember NewsScience and Technology NewsScholarship &amp; Education NewsChapter, Committee and Society NewsAnnual Conference and NMSC News</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22Benefits of Membership</p><p>Networking Opportunities viaLocal Chapter ActivitiesRegional Conferences and Topical SymposiumsAnnual US-Korea ConferencesCommunications</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22Benefits of Membership</p><p>ScholarshipsFor Undergraduate &amp; Graduate Students in the U.S.More than 30 recipients in 2008</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22Benefits of Membership</p><p>Technical MeetingsAnnual US-Korea ConferencesRegional Conferences Topical SymposiumsLocal Chapter Meetings</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22</p></li><li><p>Join us today! www.ksea.org</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22Our VisionBecome a premier association with the following objectives:</p><p>Promote the application of science and technology for the general welfare of society</p><p>Foster international cooperation especially b/w the U.S. and Korea</p><p>Serve the majority of ethnic Korean scientists and engineers in the US to help them develop their full career potential</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22KSEAs TomorrowMore members 10,000 active members3,000 due-paid members1,000 YG&amp;P membersMore regional, topical and chapter conferencesMore community service through NMSC and scholarshipFor K-12 studentsFor undergraduate and graduate studentsContinued UKCsProactively help each other to develop members full career potential</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22Local Chapters and Technical Groups</p><p>30 Local Chapters19 Qualified Chapters as of 9/2008</p><p>13 Technical Groups (TG)- 18 TG Councilors</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22Two Coming-Up Main EventsNMSC: April 18, 2009</p><p>UKC 2009: July 16-19, 2009Raleigh, North Carolina</p></li><li><p>KSEA GovernancePEVPEDP ITDGDMDPDFDLocal ChaptersCommitteesCouncilHQs StaffWDDDDSEDYD</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22Technical Groups</p><p>PhysicsChemistryMathematics, Geology, Meteorology, StatisticsBiomedical Eng, Genetic Eng, Biology, Botany, ZoologyAgriculture, Ecology, Food, NutritionMedical Science, Pharmaceutical Science, Veterinary Medicine, Physical EducationChemical Eng, Textile Eng, Nuclear Eng, Petroleum Eng, Applied ChemistryMechanical Eng, Aerospace Eng, Naval ArchiMaterial Science, Metallurgy, Mining EngCivil Eng, Architecture, Environmental EngElectrical &amp; Electronics Eng, Communication EngComputer Science, Systems EngIndustrial Eng, Mgmt Science</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22KSEA: Professional</p><p>ScientistsEngineersTechnologistsEducators</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22Benefits of Membership</p><p>KSEA Scholarships (multiple), $1,000Inyong Ham Scholarship, $1,000Hyundai Scholarship (2), $1,000Chunghi Hong Park Scholarship (2), $1,000Yohan and Rumie Cho Scholarship (1), $1,000Shoon Kyung Kim Scholarship (1), $1,000Nam Sook and Je Hyun Kim Scholarship (1), $1,000</p><p>KUSCO Grad Scholarship, multiple</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22Benefits of Membership</p><p>U.S.-Korea Conference: - To promote US-Korea cooperation in advancing science and technology as well as networking - Travel support - More than 1,000 attendees and 400 technical presentations - Multiple symposiums, forums, workshops, and plenary sessions</p><p>E-Directory: KSEA Experts Directory and Speakers bureau</p><p>Serving Members!www.ksea.org</p><p>Slide * of 22KSEAs Tomorrow KSEA plays a leadership role in the Korean-American community!</p><p>***30 local chapters, 13 technical groups*************************</p></li></ul>