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strategic plan 2008 - 2011


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    TodayFor Tomorrow

    TodayFor Tomorrow

    Strategic Plan 2008 - 2011Ansley Grove LibraryBathurst Clark Resource LibraryDufferin Clark LibraryKleinburg LibraryMaple LibraryPierre Berton Resource LibraryWoodbridge Library

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    Vaughan Public Libraries

  • Today For Tomorrow Strategic Plan 2008 - 2011~19~


    Develop a model to facilitate ongoing consultation with membersof the community, Library Board, Library staff and City ofVaughan staff including focus groups, surveys, interviews andworkshops to gather input on the Libraries resources andservices, technological advances, customer satisfaction and needs.

    Promote relevant services, programs and customer satisfactionsurveys in languages other than English.

    Extend the range of communication options to encompasstechnological advances.

    Develop a brand identity strategy.

    Communicate the benefits and convenience of using theELibrary (, highlighting its 24/7 access.

    Merchandise and display collections and resources in thelibraries and on the ELibrary

    Consult with local school boards and other educationalinstitutions on library services required by parents, teachers andstudents and create an awareness of our ability to assist themthrough the Libraries collections and services.

    Develop additional customer educationprograms to aid customers access to libraryresources.

    Continue to produce and publicize anannual progress report on our strategicplan achievements.

    Investigate opportunities for the integrationof Library operations with the City, such asemergency and business continuityplanning, Access Vaughan andcollaboration on City initiatives.





    LIBRARYLIBRARY2007- 2008@the


    Vaughan Public Libraries


    YOUR GUIDETO PROGRAMSSpecial Events andUsing Your Library

    CELEBRATEFamilyLiteracy Day



    LIBRARYLIBRARY2007- 2008@the



    Vaughan Public Libraries



    Special Events andUsing Your Library


    Literacy Day



    LIBRARYLIBRARY2007- 2008@the



    Vaughan Public Libraries


    YOUR GUIDETO PROGRAMSSpecial Events andUsing Your Library


    Literacy Day



    Pierre Berton Resource Library

    Vaughan Public Library Board

    Gino RosatiChair

    Michael McKenzieVice-Chair

    TrusteesRocco CaponeMarie ChiaromonteLorraine de BoerIsabella FerraraMario F. FerriTony GencoFilippo GravinaMary LascalaSuri RosenDevender SandhuAlan ShefmanRajbir SinghJeffrey Stone

    Library DirectorsAlex GuteliusDirector of Service Delivery

    Marilyn GuyDirector of Operations

    Yvonne KharagDirector of Finance

    Margie SingletonDirector of Planning andCommunication


    Today For Tomorrow Strategic Plan 2008 - 2011~3~

    Vaughan Public Libraries Strategic Plan 2008 - 2011~18~

    Communicate with stakeholdersto create, cultivate and expandawareness, usage and relevance ofVaughan Public Libraries collections,services and programs designed to fulfiltheir information, learning, leisure andcultural needs.


    Strategic Directions:

    Analyse our customer base and usage patterns to tailor ourcollection development, programming and services to respond toand anticipate their needs.

    Develop and implement a comprehensive marketing andcommunications strategy to promote Vaughan Public Librariescollections, services and programs to the community.

    Continue pursuing outreach and partnership opportunities with theCity of Vaughan, community agencies, cultural groups, businessesand schools to assist in assessing community needs and to build andshare audiences to increase the awareness of Vaughan PublicLibraries.

    Establish additional, convenient methods for the community toprovide feedback.

    Develop an advocacy plan.

    Integrate Vaughan Public Libraries as a strategic partner inVaughans Vision 2020.

    What You Told Us:Vaughan Public Libraries

    provides excellent service to the

    community. The residents of

    Vaughan under-appreciate it

    and I intend to take FULL

    advantage of the equipment,

    facilities, resources and

    personal assistance until the

    secret comes out. Keep up the

    good work!

    I like reading @ The Library

    (ATL) so I know whats going


    Message from the Mayor

    Message from the Library Board Chair

    Our Changing Community

    The Planning Framework

    Our Mission and Values

    Our Vision

    Champion Literacy

    Collaborate with the Community

    Connect the Community

    Commit to Empower Staff

    Communicate with Stakeholders




    Our Libraries offer a world of discovery for the young childlearning to read, the student researching a class project, or thesenior being introduced to a new hobby.

    Vaughan Public Libraries Strategic Plan 2008 - 2011~4~

    Today For Tomorrow Strategic Plan 2008 - 2011~17~

    Linda D. JacksonMayor, City of Vaughan


    Develop an employee service award and recognition programthat rewards leadership, loyalty, creativity, innovation and risktaking.

    Establish a training and development plan that will continuallyupgrade staff skills; offer safe workplace, customer-service,technology, service delivery and leadership training.

    Expand Vaughan Public Libraries commitment tocontinuous improvement initiatives which promote teamwork,problem-solving and encourage communication between staff atall levels.

    Create and implement an internal communications strategy.

    Facilitate staff collaboration through participation incross-functional teams.

    Define core competencies and update training matrix for all staffpositions to provide consistent high-quality service delivery.

    Build relationships within the library profession andpost-secondary institutions.

    Develop a plan for the implementation of Public SectorAccounting Board asset reporting.

    Vaughan Public Librariesprovide an invaluable service tothe residents of Vaughan,reaching out to people of allages to promote learning andcommunity education.

    We can all be proud of ourmodern and accessibleLibraries. Convenient locations,a comfortable setting, and awelcoming staff make every visitan enjoyable experience.

    More importantly, our Librariesare centres of communityactivity. By participating in awide variety of innovativeprograms and services, ourresidents can become moreinvolved in community life andexplore the rich cultural andsocial diversity that makesVaughan such a great city to livein.

    A vibrant community such asours looks to a future full ofpromise and excitingchallenges. Our Libraries offer aworld of discovery for the youngchild learning to read, thestudent researching a classproject, or the senior beingintroduced to a new hobby.With an extensive schedule oforiginal programming for

    children, teenagers and adults,there is an opportunity to learnand grow every day.

    Vaughan Council is fullycommitted to providing ourresidents with a learningresource that responds to thechanging needs of ourcommunity. New collections,expanded services and a strongcommunity focus are some ofthe ways our residents continueto be served by Vaughan PublicLibraries.

    Please visit often.

    Yours truly,





    Our employees, a core strength.


    The residents of Vaughan told us how much they value theirLibraries. Whether we talked to teens, adults, seniors, studentsor parents it was apparent that Vaughan Public Libraries is athread running through the fabric of Vaughan.

    Today For Tomorrow Strategic Plan 2008 - 2011~5~

    Vaughan Public Libraries Strategic Plan 2008 - 2011~16~

    Commit to empower staff to continueto provide excellent public service in adynamic culture that reflects the qualityof service the community expects fromtheir Libraries.


    Strategic Directions:

    Design an environment with the organizational structure andqualified staff complement to support the Mission of VaughanPublic Libraries, its corporate goals and strategic directions.

    Provide a positive work environment that offers rewarding careeropportunities: a safe, secure and stimulating work environment,effective training and professional development, and employeerecognition program.

    Encourage staff to participate in and contribute to the Librariesservice delivery goals, priorities, future, training and sharing ofknowledge.

    Enhance the profile of Vaughan Public Libraries in order to attractand employ a high-quality, diverse and professional work force.

    What You Told Us:From an overall standpoint of

    services received everywhere in

    the community the library

    provides the best service I am

    receiving especially in terms of

    courtesy and genuine desire to


    Staff goes out of their way to

    help. They are friendly and

    professional at the same time.

    They always remember us (a

    very good thing) and make us

    feel welcome.

    You told us. We listened. Now,in re