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Healthy Beginnings Magazine is a natural health magazine. Content is fact based and un-biased. Targetting these areas of your life: emotional, indoor and outdoor environments, financial, mental, nutritional, physical, and spiritual all of which support living a natural, holistic and healthy lifestyle.


  • September, 2006



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    The sun is shining, the days are long and pleasant, and our minds are on summer and all the fun and healthy activities it brings. We have been letting our bodies bask in the natural vi-tamin D from the sun and have (hopeful-ly) been savoring summers fresh organic fruits and veggies, which are rich with enzymes and minerals. The last thing on our mind is leaving behind this summer bliss and starting to prepare our bodys metabolism and inner clock for the next season and biological phase. Stores have already switched their mindset to the fall season and are busy preparing for the up-coming chilly months. Our bodies do the same. Just as the seasons change bringing about differences in temperature, weath-er, light, and activity, the human body changes according to a rhythm often re-ferred to as the biorhythm or biologi-cal clock. The study of these rhythms is called Chronobiology. The biology of human beings is not constant through-out the day or year. Instead, it varies pre-dictably in time, says Michael Smoien-ski, PhD, director of the Chronobiology Center at the University of Texas. The bodys rhythms take a cue from the environment and the rhythms of the solar system that change night to day and lead one season into another. Internal clocks are dictated by genetic makeup and are controlled from the hypothala-mus of the brain. These clocks inuence how the body changes throughout the day and the seasons affecting functions such as blood pressure, blood coagula-tion and hormone levels. One example of this seasonal inuence on the biologi-cal rhythm is SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder - which causes depression in people during the short days of winter. Researchers at Canadas Simon Fra-ser University found that the hormone testosterone is greatly inuenced by sea-sonal changes. They found that womens and mens testosterone levels are high-est in autumn and early winter. This inuences aggressiveness in men and

    changes fat deposition in women. The opposite is true for spring and summer. Seasonal changes cause fat to shift loca-tions within the body altering the shape of the gures. In addition to testosterone, the hor-mone cortisol is also affected by seasonal changes. As the emotional cycles are in-uenced by the lack of light and activity, the body suffers emotional stress which in turn releases the hormone cortisol. This hormone raises the blood pressure, increases clotting factors (making you more susceptible to stroke), oods the bloodstream with glucose (exacerbating diabetes) and elevates cholesterol levels.

    The increased presence of cortisol, cou-pled with lack of sleep and / or exercise, can cause one to gain weight as well as making it very difcult to lose weight. Cortisol can also depress the immune system making the body more suscep-tible to colds, u and other infections. Another body function affected by seasonal changes is the regulation of the levels of substances in the blood. These substances include red blood cells, blood sugar, gases (oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen), vitamins (especially vi-tamin D) and mineral ions such as po-tassium, sodium, magnesium, iron and calcium. These uctuations can directly affect ones health. Making the biological shift from sum-mer into winter, it is important to provide the body with proper nutrients and sup-plements to balance, nourish and fortify itself to maintain optimum health levels. Here are recognized and recommended steps one can take to ensure this:

    1. Maintain a balanced pH level of alka-linity by eating 80% alkalizing foods and 20% acidic foods and drink plenty of pure water. In addition, drink alkalizing uids that are high in potassium, magne-sium, and calcium. Research shows that a slightly alkaline body environment is conducive to proper metabolism and a strong immune system.

    2. Make sure you are getting the correct amount of vitamins and minerals, either through the organic foods or through reputable supplement products. During the fall and winter months special atten-tion should be placed on vitamin D3, Omega 3 essential fatty acids and the greens. This is needed to help correct the basic nutritional deciencies brought about by a variety of causes including poor diet, medical conditions, environ-mental toxins and the consumption of food grown in todays over-farmed, nu-trient-depleted soil.

    3. Increase the intake of antioxidants. They are the cellular protectors against chemical, environmental and digestive free radical scavengers. Free radicals have been shown to be a key reason for premature aging, cancer mutations and general deterioration of the health of the organs and tissues.

    The changing of the seasons and the resulting shift in the biological clocks does not mean that one must accept fad-ing health along with the waning light. Mother Nature and Father Time may make the rules but there is more than one way to play the game!

    Kurt Grange, Ph.D., N.D.Nutritional BiophysiologistCo-author: Mineral of Miracles: The Story of Sango Coral CalciumOpti-Health Wellness CenterCarson City, 883-8828

    Youve Got Rhythm!

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