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  • 1. President Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809

2. ResumeAuthor of Declaration of IndependenceGovernor of VirginiaU.S. Ambassador to France1st Secretary of State of the U.S.Vice-President of U.S. (1797-1801)Assissted in writing the Virginia and Kentucky ResolutionsArchitect who designed his own house (can be seen on the"tails" side of a nickel)Credited with 14 inventions and innovations. 3. Consider this:Shoud a leader go against his or her own stated principles toaccomplish something for the good of the group?Should a leader let his or her own personal stated principlesget in the way of accomplishing something for the good of thegroup? 4. Jeffersons HomeMonticello, in Charlottesville, VA 5. Minor accomplishments as President-Reduced National Debt-Cut Army and Navy budgets-Repealed Whiskey Tax The U.S.flag during Jeffersons Presidency-Started U.S. Military Academy at West Point, NY-Banned Importation of slaves-Ohio admitted to the Union (1803) 6. Barbary WarThe Pirates living along the Barbary Coast (in North Africa nearmodern day Libya) had been paid by the U.S. sinceWashingtons time for protection along the North African coast.Jefferson refused to continue payments and the Barbary Statesdeclared war. U.S. Marines captured the Barbary city of Tripoli,and eventually forced a peace settlement.The war is immortalized in the first line of the Marine Hymn:"From the Halls of Montezuma,To the shores of Tripoli," 7. Louisiana Purchase1801- Napoleon Bonaparte of France conquers Spain, whoowns the Louisiana Territory, including the port of NewOrleans.1802 - France closes New Orleans to American traffic, cuttingoff western farmers main market for crops.Jefferson sends diplomats to France with an offer to buy NewOrleans for $10 million.1803 - Napoleon, short on money, offered to sell ALL ofLouisiana for $15 million. Jefferson agreed, and doubled thesize of the U.S. for the price of 3 cents an acre. Jeffersonsends Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore the newterritory. 8. Lewis and Clarks "Corps of Discovery"Ordered to find the source of the Missouri River, and (ifpossible) the Northwest Passage to Asia.Also ordered to make a detailed record of all plant and animallife, physical geography, weather patterns, and take as manysamples of plant and animal life as possible.Further ordered to establish (if possible) friendly relations withall Native American nations they encountered. 9. Film Quiz How many men died during the Lewis and Clarkexpedition? What were the men ordered to do if theyencountered unfriendly Indians that outnumberedthem? Where was the expedition when they found outthat the Northwest Passage through NorthAmerica did not exist? How much meat per day did each man consumeduring the voyage? 10. Embargo ActIn 1805, Britain and France (who were at war with each other)began seizing American ships on the high seas andimpressing (forcing) American sailors into the service of theBritish and French Navies.In 1807, Jefferson passed theEmbargo Act, banning allforeign trade. 11. The "Ograbme" stopping a smuggler. 12. Embargo results:The embargo was an disaster, dealing a harsh blow to theAmerican economy, which relied heavily on shipping andforeign trade.Northeasterners ignored it.Neither Britain nor France changed their policies.