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1801-1809 President Thomas Jefferson. By Conor Evans. Facts about Jefferson. Born in Shadwell 1943 http ://maps.google.com/?ll=38.012563,- 78.396217&spn=0.005165,0.007135&t=h&z=17 Went to William and Mary College from 1760-62 IN 1772 Jefferson married Maartha Wayles Skelton - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


1801-1809 President Thomas Jefferson

1801-1809 President Thomas JeffersonBy Conor Evans Facts about JeffersonBorn in Shadwell 1943http://maps.google.com/?ll=38.012563,-78.396217&spn=0.005165,0.007135&t=h&z=17Went to William and Mary College from 1760-62IN 1772 Jefferson married Maartha Wayles Skelton They had a kid named Martha

Jefferson's politics1768 elected to house of Burgesses.1779-1781 Served as governor for Virginia 1783 elected a delegate of congress1784-1789 was a commissioner and minister in France1790-1793 served as the first secretary of state1997-1801 served as Vice President for John Adams1801-1809 was President of the United States

Jefferson's first term

Got rid of army and Navy expendituresCut budgetsEliminated tax on whiskey (unpopular in the west, but cut the debt by a third)Claimed new landform Napoleon in 1803 (Louisiana) 15 million dollarsFought Barbary Pirates.http://www.teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=92268

4Jeffersons Second TermHad to try to stop Napoleonic warsEngland and France interferedThis put American merchants neutral rights at risk.

After politics Jefferson retired in 1809Monticello was his house nameWhen he saved up enough money he funded the University of Virginia


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