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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>WHICH PRESIDENTPURCHASED LOUISIANA??</p> <p>THOMAS JEFFERSON</p> <p>How will these two people solve their differences?</p> <p>They will addBill of rightsto theconstitutionWhat happened 1st?Civil WarFrench &amp; Indian WarAmerican RevolutionWar of 1812FRENCH&amp;INDIANWARWHOwas thePRESIDENTof theConstitutional Convention</p> <p>GeorgeWashingtonThe 1st government of theUnited States was ?ArticlesofConfederationHow manybranches ofgovernmentare there?33333THREE3</p> <p>What does this cartoon represent?</p> <p>The US is enforcing the Monroe Doctrine </p> <p>WHO DID JEFFERSON CHOOSE TO EXPLORE THE LOUISIANA TERRITORY?????</p> <p>LewisClark&amp;THE FIRST 10 AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION ARE..?influenced by Thomas Jefferson and George MasonBILLOFRIGHTS</p> <p>What in the world is this ?MANIFESTDESTINYThe idea &amp; belief that expansion was good for the country</p> <p>What isfederalismnationalgovernmentstategovernmentsharingpowers&amp;Which region has the CONTINENTAL DIVIDE?Ranges from Alaska to MexicoDetermines the directional flow of riversROCKYMOUNTAINS</p> <p>As President I had a 2 party systememerge (start) under myadministrationJOHNADAMS</p> <p>What didPHYLLIS WHEATLEYdoduring theRevolution?Former slave who wrote poemssupporting American independence</p> <p>POEMSWho was themajor authorof theDECLARATIONOF INDEPENDENCE??Thomas</p> <p>JeffersonARTISANSareWhat are some examples? craftsmen with a specific trade such as:??</p> <p>soap makercandlestickmakercarpenterblacksmithsilversmithor coppersmithWhat document guaranteesindividual rights?freedom of religionfreedom of speechTHEBILLOFRIGHTS</p> <p>Who was the Presidentduring the war of 1812</p> <p> ???</p> <p>JAMESMADISONWhere was the Constitutional Convention held ??????PhiladelphiaWhat geographic regionhas the oldestMountain rangeInNorth America??APPALACHIANMOUNTAINS</p> <p>What canal was built inNew York (1825)?How did it help Westward movement?ERIECANALProvidedquicker, cheaper transportationWho wasBENJAMIN BANNEKER????African AmericanastronomersurveyorHelped designWashington, D.C.</p> <p>When didEuropean nationsbegin to gain respectfor theU.S.A.?THE WAR OF1182THE WAR OF1182Who did the United StatesFight during ?????</p> <p>BRITAIN</p> <p> FACTORS for WESTWARD EXPANSIONWhyMoveWest??discovered in California !!GOLD</p> <p>Cheap, fertile landBelief in Manifest DestinyPopulation in growth in eastern states</p> <p>1.2.3.Cheaper and faster water transportation4.5.</p> <p>TheBill of Rightswas added to the Constitutionduring his administration(presidency)</p> <p>GEORGEWASHINTONWhat 2 major riversdid Lewis &amp; Clarktravel on for theirexpedition??</p> <p>ColumbiaRiverMissouriRiverName theweak national governmentcreated duringtheRevolutionary WarArticlesofConfederationWhat river did the U.S. claim as the border between the U.S. and Mexico? </p> <p>Rio Grande Who was responsible for keeping European nations out of the Western Hemisphere?????</p> <p>JAMES MONROEWhat didCyrus McCormick&amp; Jo Andersoninvent??</p> <p>THEREAPERWhat area did theINUITlive??</p> <p>Present day Alaska &amp; Northern Canadain an arctic climateWhat settlementdid the Englishstart?JAMESTOWNVA.</p> <p>Which section is this???New England, Middle, or Southern?Ship buildingfishingModerate summersHarsh wintersJagged coastlinesShop keepersNEW ENGLANDharshwinters</p> <p>shopkeepersfishingshipbuilding &amp;naval suppliesADVANTAGESTHAT HELPED THECOLONISTS WINTHEREVOLUTIONARY WARFRANCEAND SPAINStrong leadership (like Washington)Defense of own land, loved ones&amp; beliefsHelp from..(Just a little)</p> <p>Which territory (that became an independent republic)would there be a Spanish Mission? </p> <p>TEXASANNEXATIONWhich modes of transportation Used wood-fueled steam engines to help with westward expansion?</p> <p>SteamboatSpanishGalleonStagecoachSteamRailroadsteamboatsteam railroad&amp;</p> <p>TheAmericanIndianslived in which regions?Canadian ShieldCoastal PlainCoastal RangeBasin &amp; RangeABCDE. Great PlainsE</p> <p>ABCDEA= InuitB= IroquoisC= KwakiutlD= PuebloE= Lakota/SiouxTheQuakerssettled inwhich colony???</p> <p>PENNSYLVANIA</p> <p>What is this a picture of and where does it take place?</p> <p>The Boston Massacrewhich takes place in BostonCash cropsLong growing seasonSlave laborHot &amp; humid climateLarge land ownersWhich section is this???New England, Middle, or Southern?</p> <p>climateIts so hot &amp; humid!SOUTHERN COLONIES</p> <p>slavesTobacco-cash croplargelandowners</p> <p>What rivers are:#5, ,#6#3 Rio Grande River#5 Mississippi River#6 Ohio River</p> <p>Territorial Growth in the U.S.ABCDEFGHPut the territories with the correct letterA = Louisiana PurchaseB = Oregon CountryC = Mexican CessionD = Texas AnnexationE = Territory after Treaty of Paris 1783The Oregon Country was divided between the U.S. and</p> <p>?</p> <p>BRITAINWHYdid nations wantto explore &amp; colonize?</p> <p>(trade)</p> <p>Englandis #1national superiorityeconomicsspread Christianity</p> <p>natural resources</p> <p>Settling JamestownWestward migrationSettlers escaping acrossAppalachian Mtns.Invading Canada (War of 1812)What would this typeof picture most likely represent?Westward migration across the United States during the 19th centuryWHOhelped to write the U.S. Constitution???Jefferson &amp; Mason may have had some influence on this guyJAMES MADISON</p> <p>How many stateswere needed to ratifytheConstitution??</p> <p>NINEOf 13</p> <p>Why was the Lewis &amp; Clark expedition important?</p> <p>Natural discoveries were madeas well as a map of theLouisiana Purchase</p> <p>Branches of GovernmentWHO1. MAKES LAWS?2. ENFORCES (CARRIES) OUT LAWS?3. INTERPRETS OR EXPLAINS LAWS?2. EXECUTIVE</p> <p>3. JUDICIAL1. LEGISLATIVEno executive or judicial branch a weak national governmentcongress - no power to tax provided no common currency ($)each state -only one vote in congress Describes what document?????THEARTICLESOFCONFEDERATIONLouisiana purchasedCalifornia gold rushMonroe DoctrineWashington became presidentWhat happened 1st?</p> <p>GEORGEWASHINGTONBECAME PRESIDENTJefferson wrote theVirginia Statute for Religious FreedomWHOwrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights?GEORGEMASONWhat were somenatural resourcesused in the colonies?</p> <p>TREES(WOOD)COTTONDEER/WILDLIFE</p> <p>Document that ended the war &amp; recognized the United States as a nation</p> <p>Treaty</p> <p>of</p> <p>Paris49ersSearched for gold in which state??</p> <p>CALIFORNIAWhere in Virginia is the archeological dig where Native American remainswere found?CACTUS HILLVIRGINIA</p> <p>What affected the wayFirst Americans mettheir basic needs?</p> <p>GEOGRAPHY&amp;CLIMATEOverland trails that helpedwith expansion west of the Mississippi River </p> <p>OREGON TRAILSANTA FE TRAILand</p> <p>ABCDEFGequatorWhat continent does the equator go through?Are any continents completely surrounded by water? Equator goes through.South AmericaAFRICAAsia</p> <p>WatersurroundsAustralia</p> <p>What does this cartoon represent?How the colonies were being controlled by England</p> <p>TAXES and LAWSFocusing on one or more productsuch asthe southern section focusingon tobacco, cotton, &amp; indigoisknown as?SPECIALIZATIONThe New England coloniesdepended on the Southerncolonies for items like cottonWhat is this called?INTERDEPENDENCEWhat was the GREAT COMPROMISE?Decided how many voteseach state had in theSenate &amp; the House of Representatives</p> <p>Which territory did we gain from a war with Mexico?ABCDEFGH</p> <p>Area C: the Mexican Cession gave us California &amp; Southwest!CWho invented the Steamboat?</p> <p>Robert Fulton</p> <p>Improved the designHelped provide faster water transportation for goods and peopleAmerican victory Turning point of war</p> <p>Which battle was an.French join the American causeBATTLEOFSARATOGA</p> <p>Hi, Im SARA and I like to TURN in my TOGAWho made most of the money in California?</p> <p>Shopkeepers</p> <p>Which territory would you find each Native American tribe?</p> <p>LakotaIroquoisInuitKwakiutlPueblo</p> <p>What is happening????</p> <p>The store owner is dreaming about how he can get to the GOLD!!</p> <p>Remember your Waterways!</p> <p>Remember your Waterways! RiverRio GrandeSt. Lawrence RiverMississippi RiverMissouri RiverColumbia River</p> <p>How did California become part of the U.S.?</p> <p>WAR with MexicoRESULTSOFFRENCH &amp; INDIANWARWhat happened to the Colonies when the war was over???</p> <p> were imposed on the colonist to help pay for the war</p> <p>New English</p> <p>Proclamation of 1763</p> <p> Marked the end of the ??Lead to??Proclamation of 1763 Marked the end of the French &amp; Indian War and helped lead to the American Revolution. </p> <p>The 2ND Continental Congressapproved the Declaration of Independenceon.?JULY 4, 1776</p> <p>What time period in history would we have seen this wagon?Westward ExpansionDuring the 19th century</p>