the presidency of thomas jefferson third president of the united states

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  • The Presidency of Thomas JeffersonThird President of the United States

  • Thomas Jefferson3rd President1801-1809Demo-Rep.

  • Election of 1800Federalists = John Adams and Charles PinckneyDemocratic Republicans = Thomas Jefferson and Aaron BurrJefferson and Burr had 73 electoral votes each, Adams had 65, Pinckney had 64 Jefferson won on the House 36 voteCaused the creation of 12th Amendment1st time one party replaced another

  • John Adams and the FederalistsThomas Jefferson and Democratic - RepublicansRule by Wealthy ClassStrong federal govt.Emphasis on manufacturingLoose interpretation of ConstitutionBritish allianceRule by the peopleStrong state governmentsEmphasis on agricultureStrict interpretation of ConstitutionFrench alliance

  • Jeffersons InaugurationIn his speech he emphasized:Supported the will of the majorityNeed for limited governmentProtection of civil liberties

  • Jeffersons Political ChangesAlien and Sedition Acts allowed to expireLowered military spendingRepay more of the nations debtRemove domestic taxes

    Jefferson Kept the National Bank

  • Governments Primary Function under Jefferson:Protect the nation from foreign threatsDeliver mailCollect customs duties

  • Marbury V. MadisonFederalists controlled the Judicial BranchAdams created and filled 16 new judge positions at midnight on his last day in officeNot all of the needed documents were delivered before Jefferson took officeWilliam Marbury did not receive his documents prior to Jefferson taking office

  • Jefferson refused to deliver them to him once he took officeMarbury sued and the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case because John Marshall disagreed with Jeffersons political issuesOutcomes:Establish the Supreme Courts power to check the power of the other branchesPower used to strengthen power of the court for Judicial reviewMarburys case was denied

  • Louisiana Purchase

  • The American ambassador in France trying to purchase New Orleans got a surprising offer to purchase all of Louisiana territory.France needed money more than a military base in the AmericasFrance hoped to also scare the British with a large American land grantThe Livingston and Monroe (U.S) accepted the French offer to buy Louisiana for $15 million roughly doubling the size of the U.S. with approximately 900,000. sq miOctober 20, 1803

  • Exploration of New LandsUnder the Jefferson administration the size of the United States almost doubled and little was known about this new territory!Lewis and Clark ExpeditionPikes Expedition1806 Zebulon Pike was ordered to find the start of the Red RiverFounded Pikes Peak in (Colorado) Rocky MountainsExplored other areas of Spanish territory, but was captured and called a spy

  • Pikes route in Red


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