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What have you learnt about technologies from the making of this product?Evaluation question 6

This shows me adding a rectangle into a canvas on Photoshop.

This shows me after dragging one of my front cover drafts onto my canvas. I have then chosen to marquee tool to outline the image, and then Im am going to free transform my image. This will allow me to make the image smaller or larger and to rotate it. First making of-

I then apply the transformation after I have reshaped, rotated, moved and placed the image in the correct place that I want it to be over the previously placed rectangle.

This shows the final product after rearranging it.

This is the original image that I am wanting to get rid of the background of. To do this I will have to make the background transparent. This image shows me choosing the Magic Wand tool, which I will chose to highlight the background. Second making of-

This shows me clicking on the background where the Magic Wand tool has highlighted. I then clicked the delete button which allowed me to get rid of the background, making it transparent. It appears white as I have the colour of the background set to white.

Finally, this image shows me using the Paint Bucket tool to make the background of the image a dark grey. I have done this by changing the colour of the background to grey with the tool. There are some little bits which havent changed to dark grey, which I will delete and make dark grey.