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What We Have Learned from Evaluations and Google Analytics http://www.ebri.org/pdf/ExtensionNov16.pdf


  • 1. What We Have Learned from Google Analytics & Evaluations& Survey on Personal FinanceImportant Topics2011 AFCPE Annual Conference November 16 - 18, 2011

2. Google Analytics (GA) Getting started with GA can be difficult GA can provide various data: hits, views, bounce #s, search tools used, browserused, smartphone access (need to make apps) Stratification possible Time: Period, date Because of huge data available, its difficult to arrive at a report that suits all Once you get a hold of it, you can analyze many things GA is not perfect. e.g. Hits Hits do not mean reading and comprehending. On the other hand, a person may hit it once and print it out to be shared with a large class. Average time on site: similar issue as hits (above) + people may leave the computer afterreaching a page But very useful in looking for trends and tendencies Useful. E.g. for Google AdSense marketing, areas of improvements 3. Google Analytics (GA) Analytics - Top Hits for September 2011 1. Financial Security: Glossary 2. Personal Finance 3. eXtension - Objective 4. Investing for Your Future 5. eXtension - Search results 6. Financial Security: Managing Money in Tough Times 7. Organize Your Important Household Papers: Print this Lesson 8. eXtension - Resource Areas 9. Deciding Which Bills to Pay First 10. News - all - eXtension 11. (not set) 12. Investing Unit 1: Building Blocks 13. SMART Financial Goal-Setting 14. Organize Your Important Papers 15. Learning Lessons - all 4. Evaluations Survey on Personal Finance Important Topics OPEN: November 1 to December 1, 2011 By 11/11/11 at 11:11:11pm, n=402 The goal of this survey is to gather informationon important topics in personal finance. Whileyour participation in this survey isvoluntary, your response will greatly help indesigning personal finance programs to meetthe publics needs. 5. PreliminaryResults Aftersurveycreation How toview theready-made stats 6. To ObtainStatistics Click SeeResponses & selectSummary 7. Demographics 8. State 9. Bit.ly vs. Google DocsClicks vs. Response