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My opening presentation for my social media strategies class at Drake University January 2014.


1. What Ive learned about social media Chris Snider | #drakesocial 2. You already know how to do social media well 3. YOU can use social media however you want. Businesses no longer have that option. Relationships are important to business success. 4. Or maybe you cant... 5. Social Media is neither FREE nor EASY. 6. Social Media Advertising 7. Listen rst 8. Any examples of a company that listened and responded to something you said on social media? 9. On company FB page #hashtags 10. On Instagram 11. Why listen? In case you have to respond to something positive or negative To know what people are saying about you To understand the norms of that particular social network To get ideas for what you should be posting 12. But what if its negative? 13. If you do nothing else... Be a good member of your community. 14. Dont tweet about you. Tweet about them. 15. And maybe this will happen... 16. Images are everything Blogs ... Facebook ... Twitter ... Instagram/Snapchat/Pinterest 17. RT things that matter 18. Stop this! Not genuine. Just give the money. If you do social right, people will share the word. 19. And this... We know youre just gaming the system. 20. And this... They only like you for your iPod nano. 21. Be useful... @sree is Sree Sreenivasan Former Dean of Columbia Journalism School 22. Give kudos. Do this in real life too. 23. Context > Content 24. The Biebs doesnt need you The person sitting next to you in class might. @chrisbrogan says Devote 20 minutes a day (maybe more) to sharing up-and-coming peoples interesting posts. 25. Be sincere... 26. Ignore the disaster 27. Know your Twitter RT MT #hashtag #FF HT If I follow Jessica, will I see this? If I follow @mybrother, will I see this? Who will see this? How can I make my followers see this? 28. Use Twitter lists 29. Its not about how many followers you have. You can only maintain 130 relationships. 30. Use Hootsuite 31. Be SOCIAL!!!!! 32. Yes, you should talk about what youre up to, what youve accomplished, how awesome you are, but you also need to be a pointer to and curator of awesome content! Try to have a ratio of 1:4 or something - @sree 33. Cant nd info to share? Figure out your topics (what you are passionate about) Search those words on Twitter and connect Google alerts Twitter lists to see and retweet Blogs (use RSS reader) Hashtags Email newsletters 34. Have a great prole 35. Listen to @garyvee http://youtu.be/HAmyInS9qqg Gary Vaynerchuk The Thank you Economy Crush It 36. Engage 37. Clean up your feed 38. Track your links Through a service such as bit.ly (j.mp) 39. Track yourself 40. Track your competition monitor.wildreapp.com lets you compare FB, Twitter and G+ FB Pages to Watch 41. Be prepared to be ignored 42. Why we share content New York Times research... To bring valuable and entertaining content to others To dene ourselves to others To grow and nourish our relationships To feel valuable in the eyes of others To get the word out about causes or brands Source: http://nytmarketing.whsites.net/mediakit/pos/ 43. What that means Its all about relationships. Help others to build their relationships. Appeal to their desire to share with each other, not just your brand. Think useful, fun, controversial, actionable. Keep things simple and easy to understand. 44. Wait theres more #wjchat Wednesday 7-9 pm (even if you only listen) Read mashable, social media examiner, social fresh, ofcial blogs of platforms _____________________________