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I've been a technology professional for almost two decades now, and I am a veteran of two military branches. I've seen a few things over the years. This is a presentation I gave to the students at Software Craftsmanship Guild, Akron, OH, in the fall of 2014. I spoke about team building, leadership, failure, and learning from your mistakes. Basically, everything but technology...


  • 1. Jerry DAntonio @jerrydantonio github.com/jdantonio WHAT IVE LEARNED
  • 2. FOLLOW YOUR PASSION Yes, you can be passionate about programming.
  • 3. LEARN BY DOING There is value in experience.
  • 4. GOOD LEADERS MAKE DECISIONS Trust your team, value your team, listen to your team, lead your team. Good leaders take care of their people and take responsibility.
  • 5. WORK TOWARD YOUR POTENTIAL The best teams maximize the potential of each member, every member of the team is equally valuable.
  • 6. RECOGNIZE THE GOOD IN ALL YOU DO There are two things in my life I will never regret: joining the Navy and getting out.
  • 7. ITS NEVER TOO LATE TO START If its important to you then do it. Better late than never is both powerful and real.
  • 8. KNOW WHERE YOU WANT TO GO Where do you see yourself in a year? Three years? Five years? Make the decisions that will get you there.
  • 9. NO ONE WANTS TO DO BAD WORK When someone isnt getting the job done there is a reason. Find the reason and address the real problem.
  • 10. YOU ARE NOT YOUR CODE Its great to take pride in your work but dont confuse your work with your own self-worth.
  • 11. YOUR JOB IS NOT YOUR LIFE Passion for your work is no substitute for love.
  • 12. GOOD TEAMS STAND TOGETHER Teams are made of individuals and each individual is important, but teams succeed and fail as a whole.
  • 13. OFFER SOLUTIONS, NOT EXCUSES Understanding why things went wrong is important, but fixing the problem is what really matters.
  • 14. FAILURES ARE ALSO OPPORTUNITIES Leave things better than you found them.
  • 15. MY TEAM GETS CREDIT, I GET BLAME Good leaders get credit for high performance teams, they dont need to take credit for individual achievements.
  • 16. BE TRUE TO YOURSELF Being good at something and being happy at it are two very different things.
  • 17. TAKE RISKS They wont say Yes if you dont ask.
  • 18. SOMETIMES THE BEST IDEA ISNT YOURS None of us have a monopoly on intelligence, cleverness, creativity, or innovation. Celebrate diversity.
  • 19. ITS BETTER TO EXCEL AT PLAN B Than to be mediocre and Plan A.
  • 20. DO WHAT YOU LOVE, LOVE WHAT YOU DO Love your life, love your family, love your job, love yourself.
  • 21. THIS JOB IS NOT ABOUT: the code the tech the problem the solution
  • 22. Jerry DAntonio @jerrydantonio github.com/jdantonio ITS ABOUT THE PEOPLE