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  • 1. What I havelearned in EnglishClass
    Abraham Garcia Maldonado

2. FirstPeriod
In thefirstperiod I learnedthat I am veryluckybecause I have a greatfamilywhichhelps me in every single thing I do. I have a house , I haveclothestowear and I havesomethingtoeatif I am hungry, butthemostimportantthingisthat I havegrewwithlove and aneducationwhichformed me forlife
3. FirstPeriod
4. FirstPeriod
5. SecondPeriod
What I've learned from the second period project is that we are not prepared for giving the right treatment to people who has disabilities, our buildings don't have special accesses for this people and the companies don't even think about hiring them because they think they are less effective than people who doesn't have this kind of problem. This problem could be not only in Acapulco but in all Mexico. I also learned that we must take care of the environment because we are destroying it with our actions, we must understand that the planet is our home and if we don't take care of it, the situation can get worst and it will be too late, so we have to make conscience.
6. ThirdPeriod
I thinkthisperiodwasthemostchallengingbecauseitwasntjust a video or a homework, itwas a play and we are notveryusedtoact and neither infront of otherclasses. I learnedtobe more organized and tobelessshy. I likedverymuchthisperiodprojectbecauseitwasveryfunseeing my classmatesactingspeciallythosewho I didntknowverymuch, I couldgetclosetothem. Alsoitwasverystressingthedaywepresenttheplaybecausewewereverynervousbutitwas a very new and niceexperience and I learned a lotit.