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Workshop on blogging given 10/25/2014. What gets shared? What's microcontent? How do you mind map?


  • 1. Steal from the bestLearn from the mistakes of othersKristeenBullwinkle.comWhat Ive learned about blogging

2. Why blog?Over 31 million bloggers in the US in 2011.Over 316 million people in the US in 2013.Arent you still worth knowing?You have a unique voice. 3. Job seekers take noteCandidate blogs and posts will rise in importance as a means of getting noticed by employers, along with fellow will-affect-employment-search-in-2015?published=t 4. Marketers take noteA blog provides your business or causeBetter visibility,Increased credibility,Lead generation opportunites. 5. Your experience?What blogs do you follow? What makes them worth your time?What was the last item you shared on social media?Why did you share it?Did you read it (listen/watch) the entire item before you shared it? 6. Authority, StatusI shared this because of its 7. proof of my groups (states) unique quality. And its a list.I shared this because of its 8. usefulness. I found it first.I shared this because of its 9. humor, emotion, identityI shared this because of its 10. What gets sharedLonger formatHas an imageInvokes awe, laughter, or amusement.Appeals to peoples narcissistic side. (Yah, what she said; quizes; my people)Lists, infographicsTrustworthyShared by an influencer (friend, celebrity, expert) 11. Whats out thereLacks your thoughts, your views, your images, your voice.Might miss your audience.Might become popular long after publication date.Can have an impact if it reaches just one right person.Covers a topic that others have written about before. 12. Blog example 13. Stock photoTitle is not compelling. What therapy? Keyword at the end.Dry leadAuthor and reviewer creditedBlog example 14. SocialGoogle+ allows so much more copy. Make use of it. Give people a reason to click. 15. Blog on same topic 16. Blog on same topicKeywords at beginning of title.Is this post written for University of Miami alumni, doctors, or women with breast cancer? 17. Blog post review 18. Blog post reviewInformative, keyword-rich titleRating shows this one article is targeted to two different audiences: Patients or health professionals. 19. Blog on same topic 20. Blog on same topicTitle elicits some emotion.Deck, or subhead, is easily missed.Original photo?Begins with a question.Suggestion for additional reading 21. SocialDifferent photo.Different title.Same blog post. 22. Blog on same topic 23. Blog on same topicLinksHeadingsListsReviewed by authorityCredits sourceKeywords sex drive insteadOf libido 24. Blog post review 25. Blog post reviewNostalgia is popularPeople love to read quotesPhotos and images dont haveto be magazine quality to capture a readers attention.Category links do get clicked 26. Curate content from others 27. Curation guidelinesDont just copy.Include a link and attribution.Write a new title. Use a new image.Write for your audience. Choose quotes, images, examples, and other content for their interests.Introduce your own voice. Have an opinion.Use a variety of sources. 28. Still promote yourself 29. Your challenge is to write the BEST post for YOUR audienceMore informativeMore usefulMore easily read or understoodMore entertainingFrom your audiences perspectiveWith your own voice 30. Content reviewWrite the way you talk.Use short words, short sentences and short paragraphs.Avoid jargon and words like utilize, reconceptualize, attitudinally, etc.Use jargon to establish your membership of a community. (Gamer site should use gamer jargon.)Check quotations for accuracy (and tone).Use indicators of authority.Let the readers know what you want them to do next. 31. Alan Bleiweiss: QUARTQualityUniquenessAuthorityRelevanceTrustNote: Humans trust those who show vulnerability. Share judiciously. 32. One real ruleMeets the visitors needs (to be informed, entertained, understood, respected, part of the group, etc.) 33. WRITE: Topic ideas awarenessGetting your toddler to try new foodsStarting a new workout programGetting your kids and yourself outdoorsYour favorite childhood toysPreparing your daughter for her first pap test 34. WRITE: Your topicMind map it.What do you actually want to write about?Where do your thoughts take you?Whats your call to action? 35. WRITE: Mind Map your topicWinter sportsX-country skicurldownhillSnowshoeIce skateSnowmobilecolddiscomfortNewest trend?St. Paul, Blaine locationsDifficult to get started?Indoor?indoorWhat winter sports can I do indoors?Proper equipmenthockeyexpensive 36. bersuggest (mind maps from others) 37. WRITE: Your topicConsider your audience.What does your audience want to know or need to understand?What questions can you answer for them?What will capture their attention?What are the readers key take-aways? 38. Great adviceGreat content creators arent necessarily great storytellers, but they are fantastic tour guides: They introduce you to a subject youre unfamiliar with, and they help you arrive at a certain understanding without losing you along the way. 39. WRITE: The Q & A: exampleWhat activities can I do in the winter?Where can I go and be active, but not be outside?Whats something new I can introduce to my kids and maybe my significant other?How can I avoid the bitter cold?Title draft: Hate the cold? Try indoor winter sports. 40. WRITE: Your topicOutline it.In what order should ideas be presented?How could it best be presented? What format should it take?What should the reader do next? What actions do you want the reader to take?Are there ideas that would be better saved for a second post? 41. OutlineI.Intro (Problem = cold Solution = indoors)II.Relate to Olympics? Olympic fashions? (image)III.Twin Cities locations [sidebar list with fees]a.Skating (quote from venue owner)b.Curling (quote from new participant)IV.Equipment (type, where to rent/buy)V.Complete cost summary (fees, equipment, effort)VI.CTA: New to sport? Check with physician. Exercise in winter. Try a new sport. 42. The first draft of anything is shit.Ernest Hemingway 43. TitlesTitles are your bait.They capture your reader and they capture search engines.Use words your audience would use.Be informative.Use tricks from next few slides. 44. Titles and headings capture the eye 45. Titles & meta descriptions solicit the click 46. Titles for your review 47. Titles for your review 48. Titles for your review 49. WRITE: Five TitlesBest titles might require a new outline. Or suggest a second post.Use up to about 55 characters. This is all that will show on a search results page. The rest will get cut off. 50. Example: Five TitlesWhy not curl this winter?Avoid the cold: curl or skate indoorsFive indoor winter sports to try around Mpls. 50Indoor family-friendly winter sportsHow I learned to love winter sports indoor sports 51Warm winter sports indoor sports. 51. Share titlesCritique titles.Suggest new ones.Share your favorites. 52. WRITE: Revise your outlineWrite the headers for each section.Identify possible sidebars, images, pullquotes, etc.Im going to add a question: What are the four indoor winter Olympic sports? And then new paragraphs on speed skating, figure skating, and hockey.Should I add locations for laser tag, rock climbing, bowling, or billiards? 53. WRITE: Micro-contentDeck (subhead)Meta description (~156 characters)Call-to-action(s)Image caption and alt tag descriptionTwitter post (