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Medieval and Renaissance Music. Concepts you will learn: Plainchant Mass Motet Madrigal Ballett Anthem Air Pavan Galliard Modal. Medieval Music. Lasted from 11 th to 15 th century. Mainly religious works including Chant and Mass - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Concepts you will learn:PlainchantMassMotet MadrigalBallettAnthemAirPavanGalliardModal

  • Can be known also as chant or gregorian chant.Monks sang plainchantUsed a single line of musicSung in unisonUsed Modes

  • Religious music from Roman Catholic Mass5 main sections to massKyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus Benedictus and Agnus deiThese words are heard in the related section Polyphonic textureUsually a cappella

  • PavanUsually on a keyboard instrumentSlow dance with 2 beats in a barGalliardFollows the PavanFast dance with 3 beats in a bar

  • MotetReligious choral work with at least four partsPolyphonic textureUsually a cappellaAnthemA short choral work Contrapuntal textureUsually with organ accompaniment

  • MadrigalLively vocal work sung by a group of singersUse of imitation and word paintingSometimes accompaniedBallettForm of a MadrigalStrophic formFa-la-la chorus

  • Can be vocal or InstrumentalSlow, simple melodyEnsemble or Solo singer with Lute

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