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Medieval & Renaissance Art. Art is reflective of the historical setting Characteristics of Medieval Art Different Mediums Byzantine Icons Characteristics of Renaissance Art Early Italian Renaissance Northern Renaissance High Renaissance. Characteristics of Medieval Art. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Medieval & Renaissance Art

    Art is reflective of the historical settingCharacteristics of Medieval ArtDifferent MediumsByzantine IconsCharacteristics of Renaissance ArtEarly Italian RenaissanceNorthern RenaissanceHigh Renaissance

  • Characteristics of Medieval ArtLacks depth or perspectiveFigures are stiff and elongatedFacial expressions lack emotionsBackground frequently a solid color with tempra

  • Bayeaux Tapestry 11th Century-Halleys Comet

  • Bayeaux Tapestry1066AD Battle of Hastings

  • Byzantine Icon9th Century

  • Characteristics of Renaissance ArtIndividualism-Emphasized the uniqueness of each face and figure with emotions.Balance and Proportion-More realistic, tried to make art imitate life.Perspective- The impression of depth and distance.New Materials- Developed oil painting technique, create new colors and textures.

  • Giotto 1267-1337St Francis Fresco Cycle First use of Chiarascuro(light and shadow)

  • Masaccios The Tribute Money 1427 First use of linear perspective.

  • Donatellos David 1440First large cast bronze

  • Botticellis Birth of Venus 1480Neoplatonism, return to mythology

  • Michelangelo Buonarrati

  • Pieta 1498-1500

  • David 1501-1504

  • Sistine Chapel Ceiling 1512-1518Four years working on his back

  • Creation of Adamfrom Sistine Chapel

  • Temptation and Fall from Paradise from Sistine Chapel

  • Raphaels School of Athens 1510Master of design and perspective

  • School of Athens-detail

  • Leonardo da Vinci 1452-1519Ideal Renaissance Man

  • Studies from his notebook

  • First work with Verrocchio1472

  • Mona Lisa(La Gioconda)1503First use of sfumato

  • Northern RenaissanceRenaissance spirit catching on in the Northern European cities.Renaissance ideas spread through trade and development of Guttenbergs moveable type.New innovations in artistic style arise.

  • Jan Van Eykes Arnolfini Wedding1430First use of oil based paints

  • Rembrandts Abraham and Isaac 1634Dutch artist famous for use of light and shadow.

  • Pietre Brueghels Peasant WeddingFamous for scenes of everyday life

  • Brueghels The Fall of Icarus 1558

  • Albrecht Durers Four Horsemen 1498First Artist to sign his work. Woodcut

  • Hans Holbeins Portraits 1536-1540German Born, Most famous portrait painter

  • Brunelleschis Dome in Florence , 1420-1436


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