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Renaissance or Medieval?. In this edition of this or that you need to categorize two schools of philosophy: Humanism or Medieval. . Laon Cathedral. Renaissance or Medieval?. San Lorenzo Church. Renaissance or Medieval?. Painting A. Renaissance or Medieval?. Painting B. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Medieval or Renaissance?

Renaissance or Medieval?In this edition of this or that you need to categorize two schools of philosophy: Humanism or Medieval. HumanismMedieval 15th to 17th century5th to 15th centuryReturn to pagan classics (Greeks and Romans)Humans can use logic and reason to find their own answers.

Reason comes from faith and God. Topics were mostly focused on themes from the Bible. Renaissance or Medieval?

Laon Cathedral

San Lorenzo Church

Renaissance or Medieval?

Painting ARenaissance or Medieval?

Painting BRenaissance or Medieval?

Painting CRenaissance or Medieval?

Painting DThe Last Supper (1498)

8Renaissance or Medieval?

Song BSong A

Romanesque (Medieval) Music 600-1150

Gregorian Chant: more properly called Plainchant. Monophony: one voiceResponsorial: soloist with choral responseConjunct: connected notes with small intervals producing flowing soundMelismatic: syllable extended over several notes emphasizing particular words.Purpose: encourage prayerful state without distraction of instrumentsAnonymous creators who improvised and transmitted work orally.Haec dies (This is the day..)

This is the daywhich the Lord hath made;we will rejoice and beglad of it

O give thanks to the Lordfor He is good:for his mercy endurethforever.

10Renaissance Music: 1450-1600

Humanism in Music: Like artists turned to pre-Christian models. Wanted music to have same effect on listener as Greek music had. Knew about Pythagorean views on music as representing order of cosmos with the power to change nature and alter souls. Continuous imitation: lines imitate each other.Cantus firmus: Fixed melody serves as basis for elaborate imitation by other voices.Homophony: Composition with several voices in which one melodic line dominates other musical lines.Word painting; musical gesture reflects meaning of the word being sung.Josquin Desprez, Ave Maria . . . virgo serena 1470sHail Mary, full of grace.The Lord is with you, gentle Virgin.Hail, whose conception, Full of solemn joy,Fills the heaven, the earth,With new rejoicing.Hail, whose birthWas our festival,As our luminous rising lightComing before the true sun.Hail, pious humility,Fertility without a man,Whose annunciationWas our salvation.Hail, true virginity,Unspotted chastity, Whose purification was our cleansing.Hail, famous with allAngelic virtues, Whose assumption wasOur glorification.

11Renaissance or MedievalRenaissanceArchitecture revives Roman domes, rounded archesMusic- Choral. Many voices overlapping. Art- Use of perspective;Depth, shadow, two dimensional. MedievalArchitecture uses square towers, pointed arches, vaulted ceilingsMusic- Religious or tells heroic tales. One Voice- contemplating GodArt- Flat, one dimensional, very colorful.


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