medieval vs. renaissance art. set your paper up like this: medieval art renaissance art

Download Medieval vs. Renaissance Art. Set your paper up like this: Medieval Art Renaissance Art

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Medieval vs. Renaissance Art

Medieval vs. RenaissanceArtSet your paper up like this: Medieval Art Renaissance Art

Directions:The following slides will each contain a piece of artwork from the Middle Ages AND the Renaissance. It is your job to record the differences you see in the paintings. Or, in other words, compare the paintings on each slide and record your findings in the corresponding column on your paper.Slide 1Middle AgesRenaissanceSlide 2Middle AgesRenaissance Slide 3Middle AgesRenaissanceSlide 4Middle AgesRenaissanceSlide 5Middle AgesRenaissance Add up your points!Give yourself one point for each item you noticed and recorded in your columns.

-Medieval art was flat-Medieval art was unrealistic/people were not lifelike-Medieval art was very religious-Medieval art did not show emotions-Medieval art used dull colors*Give yourself a point for each item you noticed and recorded in your columns:

-Renaissance art used shadows-Renaissance art showed real people-Renaissance art was realistic-Renaissance art showed human emotions-Renaissance art used bright colors-Renaissance art was 3D-Renaissance art used non-religious figures-Renaissance art showed everyday life

Did you get 3 or more points?Great job! You earned a thank you card!

Why was art important during the Renaissance?-Wealthy merchants and church leaders paid artists for their creations.-City-states competed to have the best artworkHow was Renaissance art different from Medieval art?-artists showed people how they appeared in real life-artists used new techniques:-chiaroscuro: softened edges and shadows-perspective: makes a painting look 3D-frescos: watercolor on plaster

Who were some famous Renaissance artists?-Leonardo da Vinci

-Raphael Sanzio-Michelangelo-Donatello-Botticelli

fresco: watercolor on plaster-Titian: rich colors-Jan Van Eyck: master oil painter-Abbrecht Durer: EngravingRenaissance review...Sum it upSummarize your Cornell Notes about Renaissance art and artists. Remember to include who, what, when, where, and why.


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