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Marketing Today and Tomorrow. Chapter 1. Marketing Video (Our Semester in a 6 minute video). Movie Questions. Marketing is : (short version) ______________________ _________________________________________ Who is the guiding light of your business philosophy? ____________________ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Marketing Today and Tomorrow

Marketing Today and TomorrowChapter 1

Marketing Video (Our Semester in a 6 minute video)Movie QuestionsMarketing is: (short version) ______________________ _________________________________________Who is the guiding light of your business philosophy? ____________________ S___________W__________O___________T____________Goals Understand the importance of studying marketingExplain what marketing is and describe important marketing functionsMarketing is analyzing and satisfying consumer needsExplain why businesses need marketingDescribe the functions of businessDefine the marketing conceptDetermine how the marketing concept is implementedDescribe how businesses approach marketing differently today than they did in the pastHow is marketing changing business

Why Study Marketing?Marketing plays an important role in business operationsIt is essential to the success of manufacturers, retailers, government agencies, hospitals, law offices, schools, and churchesAll marketing activities should be directly related to the needs of customers.