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  • Campaign FALL WINTER 12/13

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    Fall/Winter 2012/2013

    A DAY IN THE PARK WITH GIOSEPPO AND GIOSEPPO KIDS: A CAMPAIGN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY, A BRAND FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. This Fall/Winter 2012 season Gioseppo pictures how a family day in the park becomes a perfect reason for having a funny and tender moment, full of complicity. It represents the Gioseppo nice day. Gioseppo, for the first time, launches its women, men and children campaign under the concept of everyday life contact and tries to step up to each one of its clients. Gioseppo staff has designed a set of promotional material to highlight, in a modest and effective way, the styles being part of this new collection. Have a nice day!


  • Ref. 002 EstrellaRef. 001 Serpiente

  • Ref. 003 Bicicleta Ref. 004 Blog

  • Ref. 005 Pareja Ref. 006 Men

  • With the objective of bringing the brand closer to our customers, Gioseppo has a series of solutions that can be adapted to each point of sale. We offer a wide range of possibilities that include everything from promotional material with the campaign image, to global projects that include the installation of a Gioseppo shop-in-shop or the customisation of the establishment. These proposals make it possible to attract the attention of consumers and influence their purchasing decisions in a positive manner.

    Display Boots&Blogs / 16628 / 20x20 cm

    Display Cities / 16630 / 20x20 cm

    Point of sale

    Display Cabaa 01 / 43,5x38,5 cm Display Cabaa 02 / 43,5x38,5 cm

    PACK ADULTOS / 16634 (Display cabaa, bandeja, display New Collection y sealizador)

    Sealizador New Collection / 7,5x21 cm

    Display New Collection / 20x20 cm

    Bandeja New Collection / 35x25x6 cm

  • Ref. 001 Columpio

  • Ref. 002 Manzana Ref. 003 Baln

  • Ref. 004 Daddy

    Ref. 006 Family boots

    Ref. 005 Raquetas

  • Ref. 008 Family leather

    Ref. 007 Cities Kids Ref. 009 Mam

  • Have you still not opened your door to Gioseppo Kids? Now is a good time to do so. Discover the advantages of having promotional material in your point of sale. Either using the campaign image or customizing your space with comfortable and simple solutions that enable you to show your products to the consumer in a neater and more attractive way. Attracting the attention of little ones and their parents.

    Point of sale

    Display Boots&Blogs / 16628 / 20x20 cm

    Display Disney / 16632 / 21x14,8 cm

    Display Cities / 16630 / 20x20 cm

    Display Back to School / 16633 / 21x14,8 cm

    Display Sport / 16629 / 20x20 cm

    Display Flowery / 16631 / 21x29,7 cm Display Acorden / Abierto 48x21 cm / Cerrado 16x21 cm

    PACK KIDS / 16635 (Display cabaa, bandeja, display New Collection, sealizador y acorden)

    Sealizador New Collection / 7,5x21 cmDisplay New Collection / 20x20 cm

    Bandeja New Collection / 35x25x6 cm Display Cabaa / 43,5x38,5 cm