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Gioseppo Spring-Summer 2012 in english


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    It is said that beach days are always better if you share them with someone. This is the reason why you will find out several Gioseppo packs containing a pair of flip-flops or jellies and a matching present. Have a nice time, Have a nice day and Have a nice song are three proposals for the season: a watch collection in several colours with a summery touch, a cute mug accompanying cool flip-flops, and a

    pair of headphones that will allow you to listen to the soundrack of good times of life.

    Three perfect combinations for giving away or giving to yourself, because you deserve them. An exclusive good thanks to Gioseppo, who will make this summer twice as nice.

    Look! The turtle is trapped in a net!How can we help it? shout the children who will model the new Gioseppo collection.

    While playing, they discovered a turtle that was beached in the sand. Our little explorers quickly contacted some marine biologists who helped them to move the turtle back into the sea. They no longer have to worry about turtles future.

    A worry which is shared by Gioseppo - the reason why we decided to collaborate with WWF and El Arca del Mar for the recovery of turtles on the mediterranean.

    This collaboration will help to return many little turtles to the sea and let them swim freely.

    We will let you know very soon about the actions that we will be carrying out under We Love Turtles campaign. Through Gioseppos website, as well as many other tools at the POS, children will be made aware of the importance of taking care of the environment and will have fun at the same time. We have the ability to turn an awareness campaign into a great adventure.


    Jellies + headphones + mug + watch.

    WE LOVE TURTLES.Spring-Summer Kids 2012

    Those who have already seen our Spring Summer 2012 collection will have discovered that we have three great surprises in store for you. A surprise in the shape of crystal, or with a mediterranean flavour or even with a black & glamourous finish.

    Gioseppo Light & Cristal: Made with Swarovski Elements, the first collaboration with Gioseppo & Swarovski.

    Gioseppo Islands, a trip on the Mediterranean: Creta, Ibiza, Santorini and Capri. Jellies inspired in four of the most beautiful islands of the world.

    Black Edition, the special bright of summer nights deserves a sandals & ballerinas collection in a leading colour: black.

    This is a reconfirmation of the brand's kind heart - with three special projects that have become very important to Gioseppo. The collaboration with such a well-known brand as Swarovski, or the development of a new design concept will make each style extraordinary and will offer you new ideas.


    Swarovski, Islands & Black Edition.

    Upsss!!Upsss!!Oh! We run out of space in this Gioseppo News to show you our Spring Summer 2012 collection. You will have to make do with this sneaky peak.