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  • Just one!By Clara Castro-Gil LpezNumber: 41B

  • A new magazineDo you like entertaining reading and enjoy the latest fashion about films, clothes, music? This is your magazine! It includes interviews with important people. It's perfect!

  • In this months magazine:FashionPages: 1, 2.MusicPages: 3, 4.FilmPages: 5, 6.InterviewPages: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

  • FashionEverybody loves fashion. In this month Just One presentsThe fantastic Converse! They are confortable and beautiful. There are a lot of new colours for this summer.

  • FashionAnd we have the latest fashion in sunglasses, The Ray Ban glasses.Sure that everyone can find some for his style.

  • MusicEverybody loves music, everybody has a favourite singer This month we are going to talk about a special band: El canto del loco.

  • Music-El Canto del Loco.Its a Spanish Pop-Rock music group.It was created in 1994 in Algete, Madrid. But today the band has split up.They won a lot of awards, and they made many tours throughout Spain, (including Lugo). Although the group is still active they are selling discs and having many fans.

  • FilmsFilms have been released recently, like:-Sharpays fabulous adventure. It tells the story of a young crazy about fashion and glamour that goes looking for a great future.

  • Films-2-Pirates of the Caribbean. It tells the story of a crazy pirate like everyone, looking for a treasure, in this case, the fountain of youth.

  • InterviewAnd finally we have a surprise, we are going to interview the great Pancho and Blas!-First Im going to make some questions and then they are going to tell as the life of a super-pooch.

  • Interview-2.Journalist: Hello supper-pooches! How are you?Pancho: Fine, thanks, but Im very, very hungry.Blas: Im fine too, but Im not hungry. Super-pooches are never hungry. That is the reason why Pancho isnt a Super-Pooch.Journalist: Its OK, but Can I make you some questions?Pancho: Yeees, you can

  • Interview-3-Journalist: So, What is the first thing that a Super-Pooch do every morning?-Pancho: It depends. But usually im going to walk around the garden and play with Blas.-Blas: I always have a big breakfast, because is the most important food of the day.-Journalist: Great, and what do you feel like a dog?-Blas: I feel very well. A dogs life its Ok, you havent got to study or make your bed, you always are sleeping and playing.-Pancho: Ohh, I feel well every day and every time. Im happy, very happy.

  • Interview-4.-Journalist: Sounds good! And what do you like?-Pancho: I like going for a walk, eating, swimming in the river, playing, and biscuits!-Blas: And I like sleeping a lot and going for a walk too.-Journalist: Yeah! And finally, do you clean your teeth every day?-Pancho and Blas: Eeeehh, Im not sure -Journalist: Thank you Super-Pooches, Bye!

  • Interview-5.Photos of Blas:

  • Interview-6.Photos of Pancho:

  • Interview-7.Photos of the interview:

  • Fans of the month

  • ByTexts: Clara Castro-Gil Lpez.Camera: Paula Castro-Gil Lpez.Journalist: Clara Castro-Gil LpezInterviewed: Pancho and Blas Castro-Gil Lpez. Thanks: 1B and Teachers.