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Slide 2 LESSONS LEARNED FROM PAST NOTABLE DISASTERS ALGERIA PART 1: FLOODS Walter Hays, Global Alliance for Disaster Reduction, Vienna, Virginia, USA Slide 3 ALGERIA Slide 4 ALGERIA: AFRICAEURASIA COLLISION Slide 5 NATURAL HAZARDS THAT HAVE CAUSED DISASTERS IN ALGERIA FLOODS WINDSTORMS/DUSTSTORMS EARTHQUAKES LANDSLIDES ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE HIGH BENEFIT/COST FROM BECOMING DISASTER RESILIENT GOAL: PROTECT PEOPLE AND COMMUNITIES Slide 6 Natural Phenomena that Cause Disasters Planet Earths atmospheric, hydrospheric, and lithospheric interactions cause FLOODS Slide 7 A DISASTER is --- --- the set of failures that overwhelm the capability of a community to respond without external help when three continuums: 1) people, 2) community (i.e., a set of habitats, livelihoods, and social constructs), and 3) complex events (e.g., floods, earthquakes,...) intersect at a point in space and time. Slide 8 Disasters are caused by s ingle- or multiple-event natural hazards that, (for various reasons), cause extreme levels of mortality, morbidity, homelessness, joblessness, economic losses, or environmental impacts. Slide 9 THE REASONS ARE... The community is UN- PREPARED for what will happen Slide 10 THE REASONS ARE... When it does happen, the functions of the communitys buildings and infrastructure are UNPROTECTED with the appropriate codes and standards Slide 11 THE REASONS ARE... The community has NO RELIABLE WARNING SYSTEM in place Slide 12 THE REASONS ARE... The community LACKS THE CAPACITY TO RESPOND to the full spectrum of emergency situations. Slide 13 THE REASONS ARE... The community is INEFFICIENT during recovery and reconstruction because it HAS NOT LEARNED from either this experience or the prior experiences. Slide 14 TOWARDS FLOOD DISASTER RESILIENCE Slide 15 ALGERIAS COMMUNITIES DATA BASES AND INFORMATION HAZARDS: GROUND SHAKING GROUND FAILURE SURFACE FAULTING TECTONIC DEFORMATION TSUNAMI RUN UP AFTERSHOCKS HAZARDS INVENTORY VULNERABILITY LOCATION FLOOD RISK RISK ACCEPTABLE RISK UNACCEPTABLE RISK FLOOD DISASTER RESILIENCE PREPAREDNESS PROTECTION EARLY WARNING EMERGENCY RESPONSE RECOVERY and RECONSTRUCTION POLICY OPTIONS Slide 16 HAZARDSHAZARDS ELEMENTS OF FLOOD RISK EXPOSUREEXPOSURE VULNERABILITYVULNERABILITY LOCATIONLOCATION RISKRISK Slide 17 HIGH POTENTIAL LOSS EXPOSURES IN A FLOOD A communitys people, property, essential and critical infrastructure, business enterprise, and government centers can be at high risk. Slide 18 LOSS OF FUNCTION OF STRUCTURES IN FLOODPLAIN FLOODS INUNDATION INTERACTION WITH HAZARDOUS MATERIALS STRUCTURAL/CONTENTS DAMAGE FROM WATER WATER BORNE DISEASES (HEALTH PROBLEMS) EROSION AND MUDFLOWS CONTAMINATION OF GROUND WATER CAUSES OF RISK CASE HISTORIES Slide 19 WHAT WILL HAPPEN? FLOOD HAZARDS (AKA THE POTENTIAL DISASTER AGENTS) Slide 20 FLOOD HAZARDS TOO MUCH WATER DISCHARGED WITHIN THE DRAINAGE SYSTEM TO BE ACCOMMODATED IN THE REGIONAL WATER CYCLE INUNDATION EROSION SCOUR MUDFLOWS Slide 21 LESSONS LEARNED ABOUT DISASTER RESILIENCE ALL FLOODS PREPAREDNESS FOR ALL OF THE LIKELY FLOOD HAZARDS IS ESSENTIAL FOR DISASTER RESILIENCE Slide 22 LESSONS LEARNED ABOUT DISASTER RESILIENCE ALL FLOODS PROHIBITING THE CONSTRUCTION OF BUILDINGS AND LIFELINE SYSTEMS IN THE FLOODPLAIN IS ESSENTIAL FOR DISASTER RESILIENCE Slide 23 LESSONS LEARNED ABOUT DISASTER RESILIENCE ALL FLOODS TIMELY EMERGENCY RESPONSE IS ESSENTIAL FOR DISASTER RESILIENCE Slide 24 SOME OF ALGERIAS NOTABLE FLOODS NOVEMBER 10, 2001 OCTOBER 1, 2008 Slide 25 NOVEMBER 10, 2001 IN A TIME OF POLITICAL CHANGE, DEVASTATING FLOODING FOLLOWED 2 YEARS OF DROUGHT Slide 26 ELEMENTS OF THE DISASTER A month's rain fell in 24 hours, the heaviest recorded rainfall in 20 years, causing devastating floods and leaving over 600 dead. Slide 27 ELEMENTS OF THE DISASTER In Algiers where a wall of water moved down the steep, narrow streets of the slum district of Bab al-Oued,.more than 500 died in the mass of mud, collapsed buildings and mangled vehicles left by the storm. Slide 28 October is typically a bad month for heavy rainfall and floods in Algeria Slide 29 FLOODING IN GHARDAIA PROVINCE, ALGERIA 700 KM (435 MILES) SOUTH OF ALGIERS OCTOBER 1, 2008 Slide 30 GHARDAIA, ALGERIA FLOODING; OCT 1, 2008 Slide 31 IMPACTS AFTER SEVERAL DAYS OF HEAVY RAIN Thirty dead Fifty injured Bridges and roads badly damaged Slide 32 THE NEXT FLOOD IS INEVITABLE BUT, FLOOD DISASTER RESILIENCE IS NOT AN IMPOSSIBLE DREAM!


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