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Katie Girompini - LMT Portfolio of Qualifications


  • Put all of your weight in my hands. Im strong enough to hold and heal you.

  • Your job: BreatheMy job: Focus

    Our accompishment over time; to move you back into every part of your body.

    When stress takes over the body I am here to usher it back out. My style is intuitive and sophisticated. I fuse myofascial sports massage, flushing swed-ish strokes and precise pressure to produce a uniquly relaxing, yet rehabilitating experience I know exactly how the body was built and intended to move.

    Using my breath as a guide, I will demonstrate how to sink your presence into your prob-lem areas and let go of the ten-sion with my physical help.


    Put all of your weight in my hands. Im strong enough to hold and heal you.

  • ALL ABOUT YOU You are important. You deserve this time and I am here to insure that you let go of all aches and pains and simply relaxzzzzzz.

    I focus my energy on relieving stress and re-vitalizing muscular pain points. Each session is tailored to personal tastes and physical needs through environment, pressure, and technique.

    My mission is to listen, comfort, educate, stretch, and feel when your body tells me what it needs.

    My confident hands will trace your muscula-ture with elegence to melt away the stress.Treatment highlights thai stretching, deep tissue, myofascial release and reiki for your spirit.

    Complete Body Rehab Experince

    I want the Katie Treatment

  • the deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet

    Using bars suspended from the ceiling for balance, this barefoot massage technique works entire muscle groups at a time making it timely and effective.

    With constant contact across the entire length of the body, the broad surface of the feet sink deep into muscle tissue flushing out toxins and providing the perfect pressure.

    Includes table side foot cleaning ritual and hot oil application with paintbrush prior to stepping up in the bars. Aromatherapy with a Lotus position pillow head and neck routine finish the 60-90 min treatment.


  • About MeIve been absorbing information from bodies in the massage industry for 6 years. I absolutely love what I do and it has for-ever changed my life. I graduated from the Central Florida School for Massage Therapy in Winer Park, Fl with a breadth of knowlege, and immediately began searching for experi-ence.

    Pilates of Sarasota was the first client base I attained. I be-gan to focus on rehabilitative and strenghtening techniques that would complement the pilates and yoga classes. Over the next three years I kept a local clientelle of upper-class outcalls including; huband and wife couples, music tour man-agers, college athletes and friends.

    When I arrived in Colorado in 2008 I was offered a job at Denvers premier mens salon, GQ Barber Lounge. While working there I attended Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Training in 2009 in order to learn how to incorporate my entire body into my practice. With thirst in my veins to step-out and grow, I said thank you to GQ, became an entrepreneur and started sharing a space with Motion Chiropractic and Acupuncture. With no physical room for growth or Ashiatsu bars, I saught a new location in Denvers hottest neighborhood, The Higha-lnds; RBWs new home as of October, 2011.

    Revive Bodywork has become an essential piece to my per-sonal wellness. I am continually finding new ways to blend my gift with the activities I do to keep myself healthy. Volunteer-ing my massage in recreational spaces is my thank you for everyone else who choses to do the same for their bodies.

  • Contact

    p: 941.914.6426

    e: KGirompini@gmail.com

    w www.RBWDenver.com

    3630 W 32nd Ave. Suite 3Denver, CO 80211