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An interior design portfolio that showcases my work over the past four years at Virginia Tech.


  • katiejohnson

    p o r t f o l i o

  • Front Cover: The graphic on the cover is from a study done in the second year of studio. The goal of the project was to start to understand relationships between spaces and to develop a spatial hierarchy. This project truly started to help me shape my design philosophy and ultimately helped me make further design decisions in later projects.

  • c o n t e n t s the u student union

    versus art galleryparametric kinetic sculpture

    figs corporate office of the futuremountain lake hotel

    easy reader news office fanny wang headphone display

    reinvention of college learning spacessketches



  • s t u d e n t union center

    cafe perspectivecafe perspectivelobby perspective

  • 5

    Given the challenge to design an innovative and universally designed college student union building, my project centered around the concept of connect. My goal was to establish physical and visual connections between different programs within the student center while creating an environment that allows students to form connections between themselves.

    Located at Drew University in New Jersey, I wanted to denote private spaces versus public spaces. One way I accomplished this was by building unique private study rooms that also reinforce my concept. I used color and lighting to connect the first floor and the second floor of the building. Sponsored by Kimball Office, I used a variety of furniture pieces that allowed for both students and faculty to interact on many levels.

    reception desksections and axon

    concept diagrams

  • 6


    SECOND FLOOR PLANSCALE: 1/16=1-0second floor plan

    first floor plan

    private study rooms axon

    front elevation side elevation

  • private study rooms perspective

  • collaboration space perspective

  • 9

    first floor reflected ceiling plan

    maharam alter 004 , shaw carpet tile vast 09505, maharam crisp backed 016, maharam plait 008

  • v e r s u s art gallery

    caf perspective

  • 11

    As an exercise in teamwork and design presentation, this one-week group project involved designing an art gallery. The challenge was to heighten perception of emerging artists through gallery design. Our group chose to locate our gallery in Seattle as well as to display the work of an up and coming local artist, Troy Gua. Our goal was to design a contrasting environment that incorporates the industrial culture of Seattle yet still creates an intimate and comfortable gallery space. We decided to call our gallery Versus, a nod to our concept of contrast. Our gallery was chosen as the fi rst place winner in this competition.

    Group Members: Rachel Brennan, Caitlin Burton, Tini Duong, Lisa Mokszanowski

    diagrammatic sketches

  • 12

    Exposed Ceilingrendered fl oor plan refl ected ceiling plan

    existing concrete, konstantin grcic chair_ONE, nelson platform bench, armstrong white birch wood fl oor

  • gallery perspective

  • p a r a m e t r i c kinetic design

  • 15overall form diagram

    The purpose of this design experiment was to create a surface, separation, or cover for a space that was inspired by kinetic sculpture and developed through the parametric design process. The movement of a spider when spinning its web specifi cally inspired the overall form of the separation I created for this museum. All webs start out with a single string and then the spider works its way towards the center in a spiral motion.

  • elevation

    east section

    west section

    floor plan

  • 17

    Through research, I found that the hexagon shape was important when building the web. Not only do the individual pieces in the web sometime appear to have this shape, but also when placed together they form a Y-shape. A Y-shape is the base for all spider webs. Diff erent hexagon panels have diff erent thicknesses to allow for potential displays for actual kinetic sculpture.

  • f i g s corporate office

    lobby perspective

  • The Fentress Global Design Challenge posed us with the question of what will the workplace look like in the future. After researching future trends in corporate America, our group wanted to create task-driven environments that engage the future worker and facilitate social interaction. We also felt that the future of the for-profit universe lies in philanthropic companies with the one for one mantra. We chose a young company FIGS (Fashion Inspired Global Sophistication) that sells neckties and in return provides school uniforms for children in need. As Marketing Director for our group, I rebranded their company logo using their existing color scheme and created imagery to place throughout their office to help reinforce their mission. Our group was chosen as the first place winners within our class competition.

    Group Members: Kathleen Barry, Kelley OLeary, Rachel Russell, Emily Regodon

    old logo

    new logo






    stair elevation

    first floor plan

    second floor plan

    third floor plan

  • 21

    command center perspective skype rooms perspective

    skype rooms elevationtouchdown desks perspective

  • m o u n t a i n lake hotel

    lobby perspective

  • 23

    bedroom suite perspective

    concept diagram

    Located in Pembroke, Virginia, Mountain Lake Hotel is famous for being the set of the movie, Dirty Dancing. The client was seeking to renovate the hotel to attract younger, more stylish customers. My concept for the space was based off of the idea that movies are essentially still shots of single moments that when blended together create a bigger picture. This parts to whole relationship informed my decisions on how to frame diff erent areas of the lobby and bedroom suite to create an overall experience for the visitor. fl oorshop.com dark hickory wood fl oors, lorin marsh table lamp, paul mccobb

    lounge chairs, hoover strong brushed gold sheet

  • e a s y reader office

    collaboration space perspective

  • concept diagrams

    collaboration space elevation

    floor planInspired by our Healthways, Inc. and Inscape Solutions sponsorships, we used the Blue Zones philosophy to redefine boundaries for Easy Reader News in Hermosa Beach, California. Our concept was inspired by the stacks of paper seen throughout the existing space. Not only did this layering effect help our group space plan but as different departments intersect, a focal point is created.

    Group Members: Jennifer Rogers & Stephanie Smore


    conference room

  • h e a d p h o n e display

    kiosk rendering

  • 27

    The goal of this PAVE 3D design challenge was to create a store fi xture that communicates an existing brand of headphones. During my ideation process, I came up with iterations that incorporated the branding of Fanny Wang headphones yet also created an interactive kiosk.

    My fi nal idea stemmed from using a replica headphone as the top of an encompassing cylinder that would reinforce the sound experience when using Fanny Wangheadphones. Throughout the display I reinforced the curve that is a signature on all Fanny Wang headphones.

    front with doors open back

  • c o l l e g e learning spaces

    lounge perspective

  • For this IDEC student competition, we were challenged to design a college classroom of the future. My group researched current and future design trends in higher education and tailored our design to meet those needs. Our concept derived from the word motion. We wanted to implement movement to promote physical and mental stimulation as well as fl exibility of the built environment for improved learning, while maintaining a balance of connectivity to technology. We designed spaces that could be reconfi gured based on the student or professors needs.

    Group Members: Beth Coates & Stephanie Green

    collaboration area perspective

    classroom perspective

    diagram of visual movement

  • s k e t c h e s


    giacometti apples


  • old masters

    paper bagsminiatures

  • katiejohnsonkatiej7@vt.edu757.817.2735

    education virginia polytechnic institute and state university (virginia tech), blacksburg, vacandidate for bachelor of science, interior design (CIDA accredited), may 2013minor: leadership and social changeoverall GPA: 3.89/4.0


    intern, guernsey tingle architectswilliamsburg, va, summer 2011 and summer 2012-responsible for altering red-line construction drawings, as well as creating new construction drawings from on site measurements.-created finish and sample books for projects in the interior design department.

    virginia tech study abroad program, may 2011-traveled for three weeks with the interior design and industrial design programs visiting eight cities in portugal and spain.

    objective to obtain full time employment in the interior design field with a focus in branding interior spaces.

    permanent address: 1 venture lane, hampton, va 23664current address: 66 oak lane sph-f, blacksburg, va 24060

    intern, university design and construction, virginia techblacksburg, va, august 2012-present-assist the interior design manager by going on site visits, creating finish binders, and maintaining sample library.