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My portfolio displaying Adobe software projects and designs including brochures, fliers, and logos. This portfolio displays ideas and designs.


  • PortfolioKatie Anderson

  • ContactKatie Anderson7620 SE 110th AvePortland, OR 97266503.522.4581andersonkatie2294@gmail.com

  • Table of ContentsMontageBusiness CardBrochureLetterheadFlierLogosEvent AdImagingWeb Page

  • MontageDescription:An comforting message of peace and assurance that we can all par-take of the Atonement of Christ.

    Date: May 30, 2015

    Course/Instructor: Comm 130, Section 01Cory Kerr

    Programs/Tools: Adobe PhotoshopAdobe InDesign

    Objectives:To convey a message of peace and hope that comes from communi-cation through the photo and scripture study.

    Process: I Sized the background image to 8.511, then selected the scriptures and placed them on the background image. With a mask, and the eraser tool in Photoshop, I also increased the opacity (65%) of the scriptures and made in visible as a background. Added a text 3 seperate text boxes to show the whole quote.

  • Business CardDescription:A simple stationary that will attract clients to the lawyer and his prac-tice.

    Date:June 14, 2015

    Course/Instructor:Comm 130, section 01Cory Kerr

    Programs/Tools:Adobe IllustratorAdobe Indesign

    Objectives: To promoate an Attorney, and his business.

    Process:Using Adobe Illustrator, I created the compass. I opened it up in Indesign and designed the letter head by changing the opacity of the compass and creating the name and information of the lawyer. I also opened the compass in another document of indesign, creating the business cards, after adding a map to the background of the busi-ness card.

  • BrochureDescription: A brochure advertising for the photography classes.

    Date:July 12, 2015

    Course/Instructor:Comm 130, Section 01Cory Kerr

    Programs/Tools:Adobe IllustratorAdobe PhotoshopAdobe Indesign

    Objectives:To involve in photography classes to learn a new skill that can be applied to fun and a career.

    Process:Using Adobe illustrator I created my logo and added it to Adobe in-design where i created a trifold design brochure. In the design I gave color that would match the images that I also found on google. My inspiration for the company came from my interest in photography and learning more from a beginners stand point.

  • LetterheadDescription:Letterhead, promoting an Attorney that can help in legal situations.

    Date:June 14, 2015

    Course/Instructor:Comm 130, section 01Cory Kerr

    Programs/Tools:Adobe IllustratorAdobe Indesign

    Objectives:Promoting the company. and appealing to clients that are in need of a good attorney to represent them.

    Process:Using google, I decided on the illustration of a compass to express the name of the lawyer and have an appealing illustration. Using adobe illustrator I designed the compass and sized it according to a 8.5 x 11 page. I found the texture page on google as well. Adding everything to Indesign, i put the letterhead together and designed a

  • FlierDescription:Graduate Conference advertisement, directed towards Seniors seek-ing leadership and business skills.

    Date:May 9, 2015

    Course/Instructor:Comm 130, Section 01Cory Kerr

    Programs/Tools:Adobe IndesignPicture & Information provided by class

    Objectives:Graduating seniors that want business leadership skills and strength when entering the work force.

    Process:I started with 3 separate sketches of my design that sparked ideas for my final. When I sat at the computer, I had different ideas come to mind though.I began with a larger title that set the layout for the rest of the design. Using Adobe InDesign, I created the graduate confer-ence flier.

  • LogosDescription:A colorful and attractive logo reaching out to those seeking safety for their homes.

    Date:June 7, 2015

    Course/Instructor:Comm 130, Section 01Cory Kerr

    Programs/Tools:Adobe Illustrator

    Objectives:To attract consumers looking for a safe alarm system for their fami-lies. Also to effectively design and carry out an illustration.

    Process:I sketched the design multiple times and then perfected it when using illustrator and the design came together. I brought the design together and then used the Focus book in order to choose the color scheme to best fit the design. Once I chose the color, more of the designs came to me. After I received a critique and votes for the fa-vorite, I chose this design to change to a gray scale and switch to a solid color background (red) with all white letters.

  • Event AdDescription:A colorful, full-sized image, advertising a charity climb in the Grand Canyon.

    Date:May 15, 2015

    Course/Instructor:Comm 130, section 01Cory Kerr

    Programs/Tools:Microsoft Office- Word

    Objectives:I wanted the audience to see a fun event that would also benefit

    charity. The colors bring the image and the event alive.

    Process:I scanned the image when I firsts found it because I automatically felt connected to it. I loved the colors that are present and upbeat vibe in the image. I used Microsoft word to view and edit the image. This is where I also came up with the title and information used for the event. I used a soft yellow that would compliment the rocks in the background of the image, thanks to the eye dropper tool. Programs I used: Microsoft Word, and Epson Scanner.

  • ImagingDescription:

    Date:May 20, 2015

    Course/Instructor:Comm 130, Section 01Cory Kerr

    Programs/Tools:CameraAdobe Photoshop

    Objectives:I wanted to show the viewers the beauty of campus with a strong message that powerful people emerge from BYU-Idaho.

    Process:I first took the image and edited it with Photo shop. I had to use the basic photo editor tools in order to balance the colors just right, and make it all balance with good flow from the architecture. With the rainy day, I think it makes the image look like it was taken on a fall day, which is a more attractive time of year, with many colors. There is repetition within the pillars that make it more attractive to look at. I put the whole design together using photo shop, focusing mostly on the colors used and how I could balance those better.

  • Web PageDescription: Web page advertising an alarm company

    Date:June 27, 2015

    Course/Instructor:Comm 130, section 01Cory Kerr

    Programs/Tools:Adobe IllustratorText Wrangler

    Objectives:My message centers on protection, and having an alarm system that will work for families. The dark background makes the bright colors of the page pop, so the information will catch the eye.

    Process:Using Adobe Illustrator I created the city logo. Saving it then to an HTML program through Text Wrangler I was able to edit the code to my design, also connect it with a CSS code. I used Photo Shop to eye drop the right colors, and give it more design with that. I aligned with coding.