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Ideation Bootcamp. The Founder Institute http:// /join. GOAL: Develop a winning idea. CHALLENGE: Everyone has ideas. REALITY: Ideas don ’ t matter. Execution matters. A Good Idea?. Brainstorm. Evaluate. Research. Discuss. Kill. Step 1: Brainstorm. More ideas are better. idea. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Ideation BootcampThe Founder Institute

  • GOAL:Develop a winning idea.

  • CHALLENGE:Everyone has ideas.

  • REALITY:Ideas dont matter.

  • Execution matters.

  • A Good Idea?

  • BrainstormEvaluateResearchKillDiscuss

  • Step 1: BrainstormANGERPASSIONCURIOSITYMore ideas are better.Nothing is taboo.Dont say, no, right away. Keep everything.ideaideaideaideaideaideaideaideaideaideaideaYour target is 25 ideas.

  • Step 2: EvaluateDo you want to pursue this for 20 years?IDEAYOUNever pursue an idea that you dont love.You will obsess over your idea for years to come.personality fit

  • Step 3: Research

  • Step 4: DiscussBusiness to ConsumerSurvey 500+ ConsumersFacebook Advertising25+ InterviewsBusiness to Business20 Domain Experts10 Businesses3 Letters of IntentSpeak to anyone and everyone that will listen.

  • Step 5: Kill25 Ideas10 Evaluate5 Research3 Discuss1Pursue

  • Tips

  • Nobody will steal yourstupid idea.

  • Its easy to fall in lovewith a bad idea.

  • The best ideas complete your own life story.

  • Exercises

  • Audience ParticipationWhat is your idea?How does it fit within your life narrative?What research have you done?How many people have you spoken to?Have you genuinely tried to kill the idea?

  • Thank you!The Founder Institute