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  • 1. Ideation By: Kirti Kanitkar Course: Design Thinking Action Lab
  • 2. Problem Statement Curious, Ambitious, Knowledgeable student needs a system, which can support him to be placed in a best environment in which he can adapt efficiently.
  • 3. Idea Generation Building a collaborative tool for resume building. There would be peer reviews, ratings and rankings given to the individuals who are creating their resumes. Further we can have network of employers attached with the tool, which would evaluate the students creating resumes and can place them in a company easily. Buddy support would be like a mentor who would help in building the resume. Spending a day with CEO/ Entrepreneur. In this concept, there would be informal meetings, which would be carried out. Mobile / web applications for Resume creation and Job transition tutorials. Through this application networking would be enhanced. One can track job seekers in the nearby areas. There would be weekly meet ups @ the coffee shop, networking and connecting. Real-life LIVE projects to work for students. The college students can work on ongoing, government (social cause) projects, which would give them a job experience while learning.
  • 4. Idea Generation Schools setup smaller groups of students for setting up Incubation center and funding them for projects this would give them holistic learning experience. Project evaluations would take place in the form of peer reviews, which generally is done as promotion scenarios in workplaces. Forming global teams where there would be cross - country project collaborations. This would give a good exposure. Projects can be about cultural study topics etc. Education system should be designed like a workspace experience. Basic process of Industries should be implemented @ college level. For e.g. Sprint techniques and its basics can be implemented for college projects. Assignments divided in weekly tasks and group work. Student exchange programs should be encouraged. Just like Business tours in Industry, this can be treated. There can be conferences held for student Interactions and learning development. Students travel to share expertise/ knowledge.
  • 5. Idea Generation Experience the workplace month. Different companies would setup the same setup like they have at the offices and would send some staff to work from college. This way the students can get to interact with industry experts, work and learn from them. Creating the same work environment is a very interesting part of this idea. Making students take up internships as a compulsory credit can be one of the learning experience. Having Career fairs/ Job fairs, Mock interviews for students. Alumni experience sharing sessions where seniors from school who are doing well in industry come and share their experience, how they work, work culture etc. projects and how they are managed, solved etc. present to the students. School alumni take a role of mentors and form groups of students and educate them to become an entrepreneur. They would enhance idea generation, innovation and mentorship skills by conducting workshops.
  • 6. Idea Generation Counseling students as to what is there inclination i.e. understanding their interest towards getting into academic, research, entrepreneurship or different kinds of job. Designing a customized learning environment based on the likes/ dislikes of students what they would like to become profession-wise and getting them acquainted with how they will actually have to work in the industry. Free Internships for all placing students in industry so that they can learn by doing. Here, resume reviews etc. wont happen, as internship is the basic part for students to get acquainted with work culture so based on lottery system company internships are allocated to students. Become an employee for a week program. Here, students would be placed in a company to work on projects for a week. They will be treated as existing employees and will have to handle live projects and responsibilities. Have a dress code and ethics like a workplace while in school.
  • 7. Idea Generation Become a teacher for a day and teach subjects to students from different streams. For e.g. higher-grade management students would teach design students, etc. Have cubicles and working environment like workplace in schools. 4/5 Students sit in a cubicle and work. Have daily stand-ups, meetings in schools just the way its conducted in a workplace. Conduct recreational activities in school just like the way its conducted at workplace. Create a gesture based interactive work table/ space where one can switch between the roles of school and job environment. How the feeling of being in school and being at work be invoked.
  • 8. Idea Generation Live streaming of a workspace in schools, so that students can learn looking at the company. They can have online, active, offline status while they stream. Employee/ entrepreneur/ academician exchange with students, to get more acquainted with how schools and workspace works. Having a promotion/ peer reviewing system in school where students would be encouraged to do better. Wearing different hats and performing in school, for e.g. teacher, student, designer, management guru, accountant etc. Designing a Encouragometer, this would be a active wearable device that would always monitor how you perform in the assignments/ tasks/ group activities/ communication (different parameters) and give ranking how well you can fit / do well at a workplace.
  • 9. Idea Generation Device that helps you switch between states of, school and workplace and gives overview of how you can act, behave while you are / or would be in a work environment. An interactive cloud space where all the students resumes from the nearby locality would be stored, of the students/ individuals applying for jobs, thus the recruiters / companies on look-out or those who have vacancies can get updates or alerts of the resumes and accordingly they would be able to select the candidates. Customized resumes can get created for the college students based on the profile information, these can be given to them while a student graduates. Employees can have access and affiliation with some schools, where they can contribute for academic coursework improvement.
  • 10. Idea Generation Job application/ hunt can be a very network based concept where school students can submit resumes and if they dont get placed they can share the jobs with friends and colleagues with the help of application. Students can be encouraged to have ideation, brainstorming to setup new business plan for newer concepts that way they can be motivated to do very well in startup environments. To encourage smoother school to work transition the importance of being punctual be enhanced by giving them attendance swipe cards. Group discussions and presentation skills can be encouraged by making students more confident and by giving them opportunity to present ideas before the class. Rather than typical book work , students should get one on one experience of interacting with real end users.
  • 11. Idea Generation Back to school program where employees spend days as student, interacting with them as Friends and sharing daily activities. Industry/ company visits . Visiting research labs, schools, startups to get an overview. Students should be given a chance to give presentation of their projects in a company environment, being in an organizations campus. There should be an interactive/ group presentations hosted in the organization of ones hobbies, art/ craft or topic of liking so that the employee would get a change from his routine work and the fresh graduate or student would feel good in new environment.
  • 12. Idea Generation Students should be given a tutorial for school to job transition with the help of a jingle or a song that they would like to dance on and thus the concepts would be clear. Students projects can be evaluated by industry experts, or the CEOs etc. can be invited to view students presentation, which can give them an opportunity to interact and learn and the work evaluated by industry expert. School buildings should not be like a campus, where students from all streams learn together but it should be a complete mix of workspace and schools. i.e. in a building where ad agency is present there can be a Art college in vicinity. Interactive streams should be created, which can be populated on the students laptop. These streams of visual art would be of the best fit company for you based on the type of work/ projects you have been doing on your laptop.
  • 13. Idea Generation An interactive watch can be designed which soothes/ relaxes the tensed students on their jobs first day. It would play a situational music for students and ease their tension at work, making them efficient and adaptabl