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  • 10 rules on

  • Is your inbox...

  • Drowning you in emails?

  • Taking up too much time?

  • Generating more work?

  • Its Time to

  • Its Time to

  • Heres HOW

  • Cut processing time

  • Do this...

    Send clear emails to

    minimise others time to read and reply

    Include all relevant, background details

    in your first email

  • Short and slow is not rude

  • Do this...

    Keep it short

    Reply according to YOUR priorities

  • Be super clear

  • Do this...

    Clearly label the email purpose in the subject line

    (eg. Action required by (date), Low priority, FYI)

    Put the reason for your email

    in the first sentence

  • Avoid open-ended questions

  • Do this...

    Avoid generic questions like your thoughts? or can you help?

    Offer specific and clear options for

    response (in bullet points)

  • Kick the cc habit

  • Do this...

    Dont default to Reply to all

    Be selective or cc no-one

  • Tighten the thread

  • Do this...

    Delete earlier emails and only include up to 3 relevant ones

    If its complex, make a phone call instead

  • Attack attachments

  • Do this...

    Avoid attachments such as logos

    and fancy signatures

    Include important information in

    the body of your email as text

  • Give the gift of EOM & NNTR

  • Do this...

    Use the subject line for replies less than 6 words

    End subject line with: EOM = End of message

    NNTR = No need to respond

  • Cut contentless responses

  • Do this...

    Skip replies such as

    Thanks, Great, Got it

  • Disconnect!

  • Do this...

    Schedule email free time

    in your calendar

  • Lets recap

  • recap

  • recap

  • Thats how to

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