How to Outsmart Your Inbox. You’ve got mail (too much of it)

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How to Beat Your Inbox

How to Outsmart Your Inbox

Youve got mail (too much of it) Email overload is a global epidemicYet doing email is not in anyones job description

AgendaThe 3 Email CommandmentsInbox Zero rulesEmail hacksCommandment #1Email is like TetrisProblem:No matter how good you are, more keep coming

Solution:Something has to change - youYou need a system, better process, better toolsCommandment #2 Email is not your #1 priorityProblem:Email is a to-do list other people write on

Solution:Scan (for important/urgent emails in the morning)Block (30-60 min appointments on your calendar)Ask (yourself if clearing your Inbox is the best use of time right)

Commandment #3 Not all emails are created equalProblem:Same screen real estate for each email

Solution:Urgent/Important: nowNon-urgent/Important: laterUnimportant: delete/archive in bulkInbox Zero RulesNever touch the same email twice

Delete: after scanning the From/SubjectDefer: move out of your Inbox until actionableDelegate: forward to a team memberRespond: if takes