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Becoming an inbox ninja * Inbox Overload * Makework for you * No extra frills * Keep it basic * Dont live in your inbox * Its just a conduit * Mobile devices * One place for everything * Process to zero * Convert to actions What is Processing? More than checking Less than responding Everydoesnt need a response! * Checkon a schedule. * Get rid of it? * Does some else need it? * Can someone do it better? * Do I only need to respond? * Do I need to wait Only take a few moments Archive Pros * Fast * Simple * Very low setup time * Very low maintenance Cons * Pretty minimalist * Hard to stick with * Feeling of no structure * Less than 3 folders For control freaks * Folders, Folders, Folders * Departments, Projects, People Pros * Total control * Find faster than search * Organized Cons * High Setup time * High Maintenance * Easy to get lost * High thought In, Out, Move on * Variation on ZIB * Always TRY to empty inbox. *into 1 of 3ish folders. * Rely on search feature Pros * Low setup * Low maintenance * Low thought Cons * To minimalist ? * Feeling of no structure * Plenty of great resources out there. * We will look at a few: * Organize web content * Organize your content * There has to be a better way !


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