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Presentación de Oscar del Río @oscardesigns en betabeers madrid


  • 1. @conceptinbox Design Collaboration made simple

2. @conceptinbox Design Collaboration isnt such an easy game to play 3. @conceptinbox Too complex Design collaboration today Collecting feedback, meeting timelines, endless calls Emails back and forth, numerous tools that dont integrate with each other 4. @conceptinbox Design collaboration with Straightforward All integrated Up to 50% time saved 5. Create and manage design projects 6. Upload your designs from the very first drafts 7. 11746 users 107 countries 40% m/m grouth @conceptinbox 8. 1 project for free monthly plans from 14 to 100 @conceptinbox 9. scar CEO Florencia Marketing manager Rubn Lead developer Bruno Growth Ninja Worked together for the last 4 years on over 200 design projects, founded a design agency @conceptinbox 10. Vienna Kiev London Brussels International recognition @conceptinbox 11. @conceptinbox 12. 7 startups to watch from Seedcamp Londons first Investor Day of 2014 Fantastic tools for Design Collaboration Designers, Youre going to love this Madrid Startup @conceptinbox 13. @conceptinbox Core apis External services JS Client Internal components DBs json 14. @conceptinbox API REST (http) API Streaming (websockets) API Storage (http) Core 15. @conceptinbox Structure Views Builds JS Client Require.js Backbone.js Handlebars Stylus Grunt 16. @conceptinbox Metrics Status monitor Aux. Tasks Internal components 17. @conceptinbox Amazon S3 Google Cloud Storage Sendgrid External services Ducksboard Google Analytics 18. @conceptinbox DB 19. @conceptinbox Memcache Vagrant / Puppet Github (gitflow) Others PHPUnit Mocha CasperJS Python Mysql (Legacy DB) 20. @conceptinbox Chromestore Windows 8.1 store Integrations Drive + Dropbox Distribution 21. @conceptinbox v3.0 22. @conceptinbox 23. @conceptinbox 24. @conceptinbox 25. @conceptinbox 26. @conceptinbox Beta 3.0 early access Sign up at Ask for instructions at 27. @conceptinbox Work with us Questions?