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A quickly review about Inbox Zero and one strategy to start now


Apresentao do PowerPoint


your email

has been accumulating because you

don't have time to answer it properly

you answer 1 email and receive 3 new emails

you also fear losing track of the emails you haven't responded to

The idea of not checking your email for 30 minutes can cause hives ?

What if I

'miss' something?

We have an

Always on approach


What is the problem ?

Playing way too much

with your email without success!

Do you want to be more effective with

your e-mail ?

Inbox Zero

Roger Camargo April / 2013

First, remember:

There is no silver bullet Frederick Brooks

Its can help you or not...

Whats Inbox Zero ?

Habits to help you empty your email inbox

spend less time playing with your email and more time doing other things

Whats Inbox Zero ?

- Read - Read (after Ill answer this) - Read (mark as unread) - Read another email - Read (ow! I need to answer this) never finish...

How we play with email:

- Processing to inbox zero (move from inbox folder to pending folders)

..after with your inbox empty

- Read pending folders (delete, answer or archive the email)

Inbox Zero way:

Starting Inbox Zero

1 Improving your habits

Lying to yourself doesnt empty your inbox

Dont treat every email in your

growing inbox like a gift

Dont use email for you TO DO List

Create filters to decrease

undesirable emails

Choose the best time to process and read

Do Email Less

2 Processing emails to

Inbox Zero

Processing More than checking, less than responding

Quickly reading &doing: Delete, Delegate, Respond (if less than 2 minutes) or Move to Pending Folders

3 Reading

pending folders

Each email in pending folder

is an open loop which needs some action

Pending folders are divided to organise priorities


You can't waste time thinking where is the best place to put

each email

You need few options to be fast

What is working for me: 1-RespondTo_soon 2-RespondTo_oneday 3-Todo_soon 4-Todo_oneday 5-ToRead 6-Archive

How to work with these folders?

Every day: Try to empty RespondTo_soon Todo_soon

When have time: Try to empty RespondTo_oneday Todo_oneday ToRead

Finally, After closing an open loop, you should move these emails to 6-Archive folder

Pending folders


Next action

Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero Start from scratch

Its impossible to process all of your email

Strategy: 1 Process the last 2 or 3 months 2 Move others emails to Archive / Oldest 3 Start Inbox Zero TODAY


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