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Inbox Overload. Becoming an inbox ninja. Typical (yawn) ways to manage. Via People. Via Projects. Via Departments. Make email work for you No extra frills Keep it basic. Get a system. Don’t live in your inbox It’s just a conduit Mobile devices . Advanced Common Sense. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Becoming an inbox ninjaInbox OverloadTypical (yawn) ways to manage

Via People

Via Projects

Via Departments

Get a systemMake email work for youNo extra frillsKeep it basic

Advanced Common SenseDont live in your inboxIts just a conduitMobile devices How many have unread emails?

Zero InboxZIBOne place for everything

Process to zero

Convert to actionsZIBWhat is Processing?

More than checkingLess than responding

Every email doesnt need a response!ZIB - ProcessingCheck email on a schedule.Get rid of it?Does some else need it?Can someone do it better?Do I only need to respond?Do I need to wait

Only take a few moments

ArchiveProsFastSimpleVery low setup timeVery low maintenance

ConsPretty minimalistHard to stick withFeeling of no structureLess than 3 foldersZIB-ing

Uber ManagementFor control freaks

Folders, Folders, Folders

Departments, Projects, PeopleUber Management

ProsTotal controlFind faster than searchOrganized

ConsHigh Setup timeHigh MaintenanceEasy to get lostHigh thought

Uber Management

Trusted Trio

In, Out, Move on

Variation on ZIB

Always TRY to empty inbox.Email into 1 of 3ish folders.Rely on search featureTrusted Trio

ProsLow setupLow maintenanceLow thought

ConsTo minimalist ?Feeling of no structureTrusted TrioMy Processing Habit

Do email sorting less.


No Fiddling.

Use Flags & Reminders

Use Tasks

Use Categories

Productivty: How can the web help ?Plenty of great resources out there. We will look at a few:Organize web contentOrganize your content

How to Organize the Web

There has to be a better way !

How to Organize YOUR contentStoring files in the Cloud

Storing Notes on the Cloud

Storing Notes on the Cloud

What do you use ?