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Email newsletters are the bread-and-butter of online marketing, but now that multiple channels compete for your user's attention, strategy is everything. With the right approach, you can charm your audience and tailor content to them. We'll discuss the role metrics can play in the design and content creation process, and gain perspective on best practices for newsletter design and build.


  • 1.crettop seINBOXINFORMANTRachel McClung | goodsmiths.comCLASSFebruary 1, 2012I FI E D

2. THE MISSIONEmail Newsletter Process Prep tool for sending the newsletter Develop engaging content Craft a strategic design Effectively build and deploy newsletter 3. //////////////////////////DISCLAIMER:There are many ways to accomplish the sameresult. The goal today is to look at one method ofgetting things done. Making decisions appropriatefor your audience is key. 4. THE BASICSAt a minimum, heres what you need: Tool for sending the newsletter. Make sure the tool youre using offers automated unsubscribes and reporting. HMTL newsletter itself Audience, properly imported into the tool 5. NEWSLETTER FLAVORSHTML Newsletter File that contains the code for your newsletter content. The file references images used in the design.Text Only No pictures. No fancy type. Just the content, straight and simple. Requires plain-text formatting and manual line breaks after 60 70 characters. A relic. Dont invest a lot of time in it. 6. THE NEW KIDMobile Format Research suggests around 30% of people read email on their phone.1 Some providers allow subscribers to request mobile formatting (example: MailChimp). Requires setting specific markup in the head tags to format for the mobile screen. Testing is important.1 7. EMAIL SENDING PROVIDERSLower EndHigher End 8. PEOPLE STILL READ?Content matters Ideally, work with a professional writer If you cant, get someone else to proof read Focus on creating effective calls-to-action Offer content in small chunks CLASS I FI E D 9. DONT FORGET...Subject Line Under 55 characters Be tempting, yet avoid hyperbole You can use free. But dont use ALL CAPS or !!! 2From Info From name could be company or person Use an official domain email vs. a free one Can set up newsletter@yourdomain.com2 10. BONUS POINTSView as a Webpage Functions as a fail-safe. Use judiciously.Personalization A way to directly engage audience Depending on the data you have about your subscribers, it could be as simple as [First Name], welcomeCreate a Gmail Snippet Make alt tag with snippet on first image in email 11. Gmail Snippet with Personalization 50% Off Sale Hi Agent Z, super prices... 12. PRIMITIVE DESIGNHTML email design is still growing up. No major movement to standardize inconsistencies between mail clients. Most notably, Outlook and Outlook Express have little to no support for advanced CSS properties. Avoid @font-face and video embedding.For more, see 13. DESIGNING LIKE ITS 1999For proper rendering across email clients,create layouts that are... Table-based Use transparent spacer pngs. Do not use padding. Have inline CSS Designed for 550 650 px in width 14. ALWAYS IN STYLETips for Managing CSS Inline CSS tools bring styles defined in the head tags inline with content. Some ESPs will do this automatically. If you are developing a template, consider putting styles in the td (table data) area for consistency.Try 15. SLICING + DICINGBenefits and Challenges of Slicing Slicing refers to the practice of parsing a Photoshop file into chunks of images and text that fit within an auto-generated HTML file. Easy to implement, requires less technical knowledge Breaks when HTML text changes are implemented More suitable for one-off emails 16. TEMPLATED PERFECTIONBenefits and Challenges of Creatinga Template Encourages standard content between newsletters Can be part of a comprehensive production cycle with designated sections and word count documents. More involved to set up initially Better for ongoing newsletterscrettop se 17. SummaryFeature PhotoFeature StorySub Photo 1, Sub Story 1Sub Photo 2, Sub Story 2Tagline 18. SIMPLE = BETTERMobile Design Principles Involves omitting certain types of content Single column format is ideal Avoid tiny image-based areas Ask, where will the links go? 19. IMAGE CONSCIOUSDo... Use alt tags. Employ good typography. Balance form and function.Dont... Make all-image emails. Put critical information solely in an image. Forget to host your images. 20. INVITE THE MUSEDo... Set up a free email for the purpose of subscribing to a range of newsletters. Stay current by browing email galleries.Try 21. SPAM! SPAM! SPAM!Do... Email people that you have worked with in the last 2 years. Provide method for unsubscribes. Be respectful of your list.Dont... Buy names. Email questionable contacts. Play hard to get. 22. TESTING 1, 2, 3...Do... Enlist the help of others. Develop a workflow pattern to make it a habit. Test on different platforms and email clients.Dont Assume someone else will click on all the links. Forget to double check. Rely on how the email looks in a browser. Send a test message instead. 23. NUMBER CRUNCHINGOpen Rates Around 15 30%, based on the industry 3 Depends on the context of the listClick Through Rates How many people open vs. how many clicked Roughly 3 10%, depending on industry 4 Clicks provide insight into strongest content3, 4 24. ALL THE INSIGHTEverything you might want to know. Who opened it How many times they opened it Where they are What mail clients are being used What they clicked on Who unsubscribed 25. 330 opens, 104 clicksCTR 31.5%Feature Story = 70 clicksSub Story 1 = 33 clicksSub Story 2 = 1 click3 unsubscribes 26. IN THE ENDTakeaways Be smart about the content you send. Be aware of the frequency. Develop standards for ongoing newsletters. Test, and test again. Evolve your strategy to suit your audience.crettop se 27. //////////////////////////THANK YOU!You were a great audience. Any questions?